It’s the first of July, and I’m off to summer camp for the month.

My July Camp NaNoWriMo goal

Camp Nano badge July 2018I’m at Camp NaNoWriMo to get Curved Space to Corsair (Viridian Series 2) edited.

I promised my new editor I’d have it done by the end of April. She’s busy with preparing to move house, having some holidays, walking up hills and similar activities.  She might not be ready for the book when I’ve finished it, but if I don’t finish it, she will never be ready for it.

I wrote the first draft of Corsair at Camp two years ago.  Then I got busy with redoing The Perihelix and writing and publishing Willoughby and Princelings of the North. I like Corsair very much.  It deserves more attention, so it’s time to put some effort in.  After all, I ended up putting a lot of time into those 30 Days Wild blogs.  I should be able to fit in a couple of hours editing a day if I put my mind to it. But it’s editing, isn’t it.  Deadlines are always needed for editing. Mine’s 31st July.

Summer/Winter Sale

Meanwhile, Smashwords are keen to promote my books for me without me lifting (much of) a finger.

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, and winter in the southern. So as usual, Smashwords are running their promo through July to help you to endure the season from your beach or armchair.  I’m offering these books free or at half price:

The Princelings of the East Books 1-3 (Box set 1)  50% off at $3.50

The Princelings and the Pirates (book 2) special offer at $1, particularly for GMGR members (who kindly voted for it in the BOTM poll)

The Princelings of the North (book 8, published this year), FREE for the first 50 readers

The BookElves Anthologies (both 1 and 2) FREE

The Perihelix (book 1 of the Viridian series) FREE for the first 50 readers

White Water Landings (non-fiction/memoir) 50% off at $3.50

Note that the following books are currently permafree on Smashwords and everywhere else except Amazon (who sometimes pricematch Princelings of the East):

The Princelings of the East (book 1)

The Viridian System Sampler

Dylan’s Yuletide Journey

Offers are open from midnight 1st July Pacific Time to 31st July, 11.59pm, save for those limited to the first 50 downloads.

camp nano banner July 2018

July | Summer/Winter Sale + #CampNaNoWrimo

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  • 1 July, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    I hope everything goes well for you and you return ready to go.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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