fi50On the Road is this month’s fiction in fifty words prompt.  Fi50, or fiction in fifty words, is the ultimate in flash fiction.  Get the whole story into fifty words, and make sure your reader’s imagination fills in all the rest. Then post the link at Rebecca Douglass’s Ninja Librarian website.

On the Road

Seven hours. She’d heard two symphonies and the complete Sherlock Holmes.

In front, the car had two kids. Three times the kids had resorted to a tree, a bush, an overhead bridge, with mother providing privacy. Screams, tantrums, now just torpor.

The other cars around were no different.

Why ‘vacation’?

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Fiction in Fifty #Fi50 | On The Road
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  • 28 July, 2018 at 1:22 am

    LOL! Yeah, I always found the worst part of vacation was getting out of the city. I liked it better when I was growing up–we lived on an island, and you knew vacation had started when you drove onto the ferry.

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