x 2019 exactly‘eXactly’ replaces the post I’d already done for this year’s X of the AtoZ Challenge.  In fact, I’d replaced it last year, too.  Maybe it will finally surface in 2020.  Since that was also an eX cheat (as was last year’s) I hope I’ll get away with eXactly!

I was going to just tack this 50 word story on to the other post.  Then I saw a vid on Facebook which illustrated my concept perfectly.  Since I found it again, and managed to embed it here, I decided it just needs to be a post all on its own, with just a little more padding from me!

Fiction in Fifty Words #Fi50

fi50 WheneverThis monthly meme is run by Rebecca Douglass.  Pop over to her page to sign up and do a fifty word story on the prompt given, and link it to her post each month.

This time the prompt is “Exactly”.


Precision. That was what was needed.

She might need to file things down a bit to make them fit, but if she started with precise measurements, it would all fit together. Wouldn’t it?


Mould, trim.

Heat, pour, wait.


Trim. Smooth. Polish.

Fit together.

Repeat. Again.




© J M Pett 2019

This was inspired by a vid I saw on Facebook in March.  It’s quite relaxing, too!


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eXactly | Fiction in Fifty Words #Fi50 #AtoZchallenge2019
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2 thoughts on “eXactly | Fiction in Fifty Words #Fi50 #AtoZchallenge2019

  • 27 April, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    Nice! Funny thing—the video didn’t show up in Chrome, but it’s there on other browsers (but I still have to come back to Chrome to comment from the iPad. Ain’t technology wonderful?).

    Precision isn’t really my strong point. I recall being told that doing tile work wasn’t all that hard (during one of our bathroom remodels). All you needed was patience and attention to detail. I hired someone.,

  • 27 April, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    Fabulous fifty words – well done.

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