Cage Bouts are six rounds between three contestants.

write club 19

Again, you read the three pieces (each under 500 words) and vote for the one you want to win.

These run from Monday (today) to Saturday, and voting closes six days later, so Monday’s closes on Sunday June 2nd.

Cage Bouts – who to watch out for?

Well, obviously you’ll be voting for people you’ve already voted for.

But sometimes when you get three people up against each other you can see something you didn’t see the first time around, so it’s really worth reading all three pieces again.

#writeclub19 We're into CAGE BOUTS, all this week, 3 authors up against each other, different bout each day. Ends Saturday. #flashfiction Share on X

If you’ve missed the WriteClub story so far, check here!

Keep Voting

Just nip over to DL Hammonds every day, or in a batch if you find it easier, and vote for your favourite of the day.  The authors need you!


WRiTE CLUB 2019 – It’s the CAGE BOUTS
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