fi50 CountdownTaking Turns is September’s prompt for Fiction in Fifty Words.  I enjoy this micro fiction challenge, and you can join in.  It’s much easier than haiku! Although I might start doing those again.

For full details see Rebecca’s page on the Ninja Librarian, or watch out for her prompt, usually around the third Sunday of the month.

I must be feeling a little pressured at the moment because all I could think of was that scene in the Deer Hunter!

Taking Turns

“After you.”

“No, after you!” Two could play that game.

“No, after you, I insist.”

He frantically calculated the odds. After five goes, the final turn meant certainty.  No fear, just a hollow emptiness. Before then, anything could happen. The advantage was definitely to go second.

He raised the gun.

© J M Pett 2019


I did consider making it a card game – but then, why the fear?


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