The list gets longer and longer. That’s the list of things to do, of course.  You’d think, while we’re on lockdown, I’d be crossing things off my list by now. Not a bit of it. I suppose part of it is that ideas pop into my head, and take shape to become a Project. Other things, sadly, are finding it a struggle to get a decent chunk of my time. And since I’m not even doing early morning bird surveys this spring (also a casualty of lockdown) you’d think I’d have more time to do other things.

The list at the start of the year

Princelings 1 audiobook coverI never actually published it. Too busy with moving. Okay, I can add moving.

  • get new house building work sorted (done, apart from some decorating and roof work)
  • move in (done)
  • Publish Princelings of the East Audiobook (YAY – would you like a code for a free download? Leave a comment)
  • edit Princelings 10 to beta reader edition (beta edition will come out tomorrow)
  • make a vegetable patch or two (I’m currently moving seedlings into pots, and growbags, and big pots. I haven’t started on veg patches)
  • Rebuild guinea pig run (YAY! done last weekend… see here for report by Roscoe)
  • Do some short stories and submit them if time.
  • Put Dylan & Dougall’s trilogy together and publish
  • Do Princelings 10’s illustrations

The new list gets longer by the day

  • when lockdown ends (this list gets longer on its own)
    • get an electrician to fix the oven and the bedroom light
    • get the decorator back, turn out the boxes from the second room while he plasters & paints it, then turn out all the shelves and boxes from behind the boy’s run so he can paint it)
    • remind the roofer I still need him when I get to the top of his list
    • get the kitchen guys in to revamp the sink side so I can actually plumb in the washing machine (which is standing diagonally so I can squeeze past it, plumbed to the water in, plugged to a socket, and draining into the sink}
    • get someone ANYONE to help me put my desk and my corner unit back together. I can’t tell you how much I hate the removals guys for this.
    • I’m sure there’s something else… oh, maybe go outside, meet people, and have some fun?
  • Revamp all the websites, starting with WWL as a testbed, since it’s the simplest. Although Viridian system is more typical.
  • make a vegetable patch or two
  • Read and review all the books I’m supposed to (I’m chasing my tail at present)
  • Do some short stories and submit them
  • Put Dylan & Dougall’s trilogy together and publish
  • Do Princelings 10’s illustrations
  • Do some new promotional material
  • Advise Dani on final cover
  • Publish Princelings and the Pirates Audiobook (halfway through recording)
  • Publish Princelings and the Lost City Audiobook (need to edit text to send to narrator)
  • Write Viridian System #3
  • Re-edit Princelings 10 and publish
  • Plant things currently in pots in the garden when there’s time and space
the grass gets longer, too

And then I found some interesting things like FREE Open University (OU) courses.  The one on Creative Writing and Critical Reading called to me. Strongly.  I think it’s an eight week online course. I ought to do it.

How’s life going with you?  List getting shorter? Or longer?

Keep safe.

The List gets Longer – an update
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6 thoughts on “The List gets Longer – an update

  • 22 April, 2020 at 3:23 pm

    What a great yard, with lots of green grass! We will be facing this at the end of the year. Ugh. The list will always be long! But what would you do without things to do?

  • 22 April, 2020 at 4:16 pm

    I guess we were thinking along the same lines today! And reading your list reminds me of some things that should be on mine (ugh—like switching the website off of Blogger).
    And I should be making a list of things that need doing to the house—then figure out which of them the guys I live with can do (I keep the veggie garden stuff to myself, though—that’s therapy).

    • 23 April, 2020 at 3:34 pm

      I read your post first thing, when I was still in bed. You were probably just going to bed! I thought I’d better confess too, since I hadn’t had any inspiration for last week’s writephoto prompt. This week’s should be okay, though 🙂

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