The Last Pilgrim is a new book about the early colonists of America. Noelle Granger has been sharing her research for this book on her blog for a long time. I’ve been more and more fascinated by it, and looking forward to reading it it due course.

Noelle Granger on the Last Pilgrim

I want to tell you about my latest book: The Last Pilgrim, which I wrote as a tribute to the Pilgrim women on the quadricentennial of the Pilgrims landing in the New World and the establishment of the Plymouth Colony.

The Last Pilgrim: The Life of Mary Allerton Cushman captures and celebrates the grit and struggle of the Pilgrim women, who stepped off the Mayflower in the winter of 1620 to an unknown world – one filled with hardship, danger and death.  The Plymouth Colony would not have survived without them.

This book recounts the life Mary Allerton Cushman, the last surviving passenger of the Mayflower, who died at age 88 in 1699.  Hers is a story of survival – the daily, back-breaking work to ensure food on the table, the unsettled interactions with local native tribes, the dangers of wild animals, and the endless challenges of injury, disease and death.

What was a woman’s life like in the Plymouth Colony? The Last Pilgrim will tell you.

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For much more information on the author’s research, and the fate of the Mayflower, see Noelle’s blog Sayling Away.

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