The SpaceTime Reading Challenge is the main one I need to update, because I run that, and I hope everyone is getting on well with it!

I’m falling behind with most of my reading challenges this year.

spacetimereadsSpacetime Reading Challenge

I’ve just finished my fourth book, and by now it should be five to reach my minimum 10 book target. More effort needed!

This quarter I read To Be Taught, If Fortunate, by Becky Chambers, always a 5 star read, and Reclamation by Sarah Zettel, which I review tomorrow. I’ve read some other fantasy and scifi books, but not qualifying as #spacetimereads.

How are you doing?


The rest of my Challenges

Non-fiction adventureNon-Fiction Adventure: I reached the ‘easy’ target last update, but I’m going for the hard target, which is to read five more this year. I’ve added Meadowland, and I’ve started Humankind and also Finishing the Hat, which might take me until the end of next year to finish. It’s Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics and his comments on them, and the state of musical theatre, and is a very big book! It’s also one to relax with, to dip into one musical at a time.

2020 New Release Challenge: I have no trouble with this.  I’ve even not listed two books in favour of listing them on the Alphabet Soup list!

alphabet soup 2020Alphabet Soup: I have only listed eleven so far, out of thirteen for the halfway target(although I’m currently showing Sarah Zettel in Z).  I suspect it might get easier later in the year when I’m not listing new books under the New Release Challenge.I also expect to do some jiggling about when I have books not on any list (like Salt by Helen Laycock, when I have an S and an L already) because there’s already someone listed for their letters who could be transferred to another challenge.

Cloak and Dagger Challenge: unlike last year, when I wasn’t doing it and completed it easily, this year I’m struggling. Only two so far., but it’s a ‘5 to 15’ target. I need to read more Elly Griffiths and Lindsey Davis. I’ve only done one of each so far!

Mt TBR Challenge 2019Colour Coded Reading Challenge: I’m not signed up for this, but I have read many colourful covers already and might put them up (not counting my Mount TBR rule).

Mount TBR: My rule of only allowing books in one other category than Mount TBR is having the required effect: I am over halfway to my target! I’m definitely being picky about books to read next being on my TBR for a substantial time, unless they are Net-Galley ones.

Goodreads target: Unusually I am behind schedule on my Goodreads target this year. Several books behind, in fact. I know I did a stretch target this year.  It seems whenever I do the stretch target of 60 I only do 52, and vice versa. Maybe I should stick to 52 and beat it!


Reading Challenge update for July #spacetimereads

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