This is my Road trip post and my quarterly catch-up for the Spacetime reading challenge. Which is nearly six weeks late. Sorry about that. I’ve been writing a spacetime book instead of reading them, and yes, I forgot.

SpaceTime Catch-up


I was doing fine for a catch-up at the end of the first quarter: 3 out of ten books was marginally ahead of target. Since we’re now over one-third of the way through the year it’s, well, it’s not that bad. I popped in one for the Letter I for the AtoZ Challenge, the Iron Tactician, which is part of a series I’m surprised I’ve not read more of. I just don’t seem to have much scifi high on my to-read list at present. I’ve taken too many new books from netgalley!

I’ll do my best to visit all of you taking part in the challenge: you can sign up here if you’re intrigued.

AtoZ Road Trip

I aim to visit a lot more people over the next few months than I did during the April A to Z Challenge, when I was busy writing that Spacetime Read!

I think John Holton’s advice to list your posts in one place is a good one, so here’s what I wrote in interest categories:

On writing and the struggles (and progress): A for the AtoZ Challenge; Background; Fate; Plot (losing it); Questions for your characters; Year’s Events , and Zanzibar’s Rings

Interviews & Guests: Existence; Jemima Pett; Kaa Birith; J Lenni Dorner (if you only want to visit one, visit this one)

Book Reviews: C Lee Mackenzie; Iron Tactician; Outlaw Heroes; Under the Light of a Full Moon

Shameless Book Promotion: Dylan, Deirdre and Dougall; Greed and Retribution; The Messenger Misadventures; Notebooks; Time and Tinplate; Weird and Weirder, and Zanzibar’s Rings

Short stories (Flash fiction and haiku): Cheshire Bunny; Haiku; Rise Up; Saurus; Verse Forms


And if you’d like to leave a comment telling me where your Road Trip post is, I can visit you back!

Reading Challenge Catch-up #spacetimereads and #AtoZChallenge Road Trip
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3 thoughts on “Reading Challenge Catch-up #spacetimereads and #AtoZChallenge Road Trip

    • 12 May, 2021 at 11:34 am

      Thanks, Sue. I think that idea is a great one – I’ve not done it before. I could just link it to a search result, but that would be in reverse order, and since I have a number of different types of post this year, I grouped them!

  • 13 May, 2021 at 2:53 pm

    Good grief, Jemima, you had one ultra-busy April!

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