Twelve New Stories involving Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple? Purists will be up in arms. Me, I’m delighted my favourite crime authors took part. Thank you,NetGalley and the publishers, HarperCollinsUK, for a chance to read this book. It came out on Thursday.

Marple: Twelve New Stories

  • by Agatha Christie
  • Naomi Alderman
  • Leigh Bardugo
  • Alyssa Cole
  • Lucy Foley
  • Elly Griffiths
  • Natalie Haynes
  • Jean Kwok
  • Val McDermid
  • Karen M. McManus
  • Dreda Say Mitchell
  • Kate Mosse
  • Ruth Ware

A brand-new collection of short stories featuring the Queen of Mystery’s legendary detective Jane Marple, penned by twelve remarkable bestselling and acclaimed authors.

This collection of a dozen original short stories, all featuring Jane Marple, will introduce the character to a whole new generation. Each author reimagines Agatha Christie’s Marple through their own unique perspective while staying true to the hallmarks of a traditional mystery.

Miss Marple was first introduced to readers in a story Agatha Christie wrote for The Royal Magazine in 1927 and made her first appearance in a full-length novel in 1930’s The Murder at the Vicarage. It has been 45 years since Agatha Christie’s last Marple novel, Sleeping Murder, was published posthumously in 1976, and this collection of ingenious new stories by twelve Christie devotees will be a timely reminder why Jane Marple remains the most famous fictional female detective of all time. (goodreads)

My Review

I’m adding both the cover I had and the one that appeared in late August. Neither appears to have the authors names on it. In fact the final cover seems to make it a new Agatha Christie book. But the authors are there on the leaves, once you look closely enough. As I follow Elly Griffiths, Dreda Say Mitchell, Ruth Ware, and keep an eye on Val McDermid‘s new releases too, I’d heard a lot about this project. I have to say, I’m sure even the most die-hard Miss Marple fan will be happy with these new stories.

Each of the authors has Agatha Christie’s Jane Marple down to the t of her hat pins. They manage to make her mannerisms and voice so similar to each other’s versions, you really wouldn’t know this was an anthology. The only defining quirk, if I can call it that, is the way each author’s own preferred setting comes in and gives our heroine a new experience, in many cases.

For example; Elly Griffiths gives Jane Marple a mystery in an Italian hotel called Villa Rosa (Elly Griffiths fans will probably get the reference). Jean Kwok takes her on a cruise to Singapore, and Alyssa Cole takes her to Manhattan. Each of these trips are thanks to the generosity of the recurring nephew.

I couldn’t single out a favourite, although I went back to see if I could. There is one I thought weaker than the others, but that may be because it’s a sort of sequel, and I haven’t read the original. In fact, I think I’ve only read one original Agatha Christie Miss Marple, although I have read several of her other murder mysteries. So the snatches of afternoon television I’ve seen may have influenced me too much. If so, I apologise to the die-hards reading.

If you’re like me, don’t shy away from this lovely anthology. And if you’re a die-hard, well, read it and see what you think!

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Book Review | Marple: Twelve New Stories
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  • 18 September, 2022 at 9:21 am

    Hi Jemima – this sounds great fun and well worth a read … but definitely worth remembering to read, or as a present – I love your cover version – cheers Hilary

  • 18 September, 2022 at 9:13 pm

    Sounds fun! I don’t think I’ve read more than one or two of the original Miss Marple stories/books, so could probably manage not to be offended :).

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