Once again, I’m taking a look at my year in books as I did in 2020 and before.

But no, this is not my book of the year.  I’ll do that on the first Saturday in January.

No this is a job for December, thanks to the Bookshelf Gargoyle , who isn’t blogging any more, but gave me some easy blog content for when my brain is fried.  He always prompted me to do my version of this clever thing – which is to complete the sentences with titles of books I’ve read in the year.

I try to make them funny! I may have missed, though–some are always difficult. And one of them had at least four titles I almost couldn’t choose between!

You can copy the prompts and add your own. (all links to my reviews)

My 2022 Year in Books

So far, I would describe this year as being: A Quick Death

I’m tipping that the next big thing in Reality TV shows will be: Lessons in Chemistry

I could have cried when: Looking for Emily

I would love to have some respite from: The Locked Room

The most unexpected thing that happened this year involved: The Physicist’s Daughter

My non-bookish friends would say I: CassaDark

My motto for 2023 will be: You Go First

I am most looking forward to: Dining Out on Planet Mercury

A recurring dream I’ve had this year features: the Shadow of the Witchfinder

If you looked under my couch you would see: Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Cafe

If I could no longer blog, I would probably pursue a career in: the Psychology of Time Travel

Something most people don’t know about me is: I, Mona Lisa

My 2022 Year in Books

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