Fractions of Existence is possibly one I bought. If not, thank you to the author who had it on special offer or gave me a copy. This will be an honest, unbiased review, even though J is a frequent supporter of this site! He’s even had a guest appearance (read right down the comments, too).

I’ve had the cover of this book on my website for a long time, anyway.

Fractions of Existence (Existence #1)

by J Lenni Dorner

Fractions of Existence

Once they were humanity’s exalted protectors— now they are being hunted. 

Xavier will weigh all human life against Gwendolyn’s ignorant happiness.
The good news is that her choice can blow his away. 

Omnipotent beings find each other while playing an online game. Xavier has been searching for Gwendolyn, his true mate and the missing member of the Existence. Only if reunited can the group regain the rest of their memories and access all of their powers. Hidden in plain sight, disguised as humans, they help who they can, as best they can, when they can. 

The Eyes in the Shadows, a religious sect, has been trying to free humans from the “prison” of life on Earth for millenniums. The Existence has always been able to thwart them… until now. They’ve discovered a way to end the world that no one will see coming. 

Gwendolyn has her future all laid out. There is a plan. She knows what her parents want for her and how to get it. Then Xavier, a friend from a virtual game, makes her question everything. He’s full of secrets, one being an understanding of her fear of the wind. 

She tries to suppress her intense attraction to the mysterious and frustrating Xavier. She’s engaged, after all, and the thoughts she’s having aren’t proper. Gwendolyn is swept into a whirlwind of secrets, danger, and a forbidden attraction. She’ll drive across the country in her beat-up old car, not knowing if he is genuinely interested or just being polite. (He refuses to kiss her!) Gwendolyn’s journey is full of self-doubt, sacrifice, and dark visions that invade her sleep. Will she uncover the truth about herself?

The following TRIGGER WARNING may contain spoilers : 

This urban fantasy is 99k long and contains some strong language, sexual situations, alcohol, a scene with medical marijuana, violence (including a memory of the murder of a sadist seconds before he commits rape), an arranged marriage, and college student debt. The majority of this book takes place in 2005. (goodreads)

My Review

Since I’ve had this book a while, I decided to read the blurb before I started it. Honestly – it nearly put me off. Why was I reading this? It didn’t sound like my sort of book at all… and the trigger warnings…and the length. Filled with trepidation, I started…

I was hooked with the first line.

Yes, this is a roller coaster ride, with several people whose morals are questionable, but they’re playing sex games with women who seem to want it, so…. is this how night life really works in New York? I never saw any sign of it! But our rich heroes live by a different code, and it’s rather fun, especially when they have to act like heroes, which they do exceedingly well.

Despite her completely different background (and one I personally find abhorrent), Gwendolyn (aka Wend) is easy to like, and to empathise with. I’m all for Xavier getting her away from her ‘family’ and into a safe relationship.

I thoroughly enjoyed the seesaw of the relationship, the ridiculousness of Xavier’s over-the-top can-buy attitude, but he’s really well written. It really is just his reality, his normal. Wend is a total mouse. No wonder she feels it must be a con. I enjoyed it so much, I couldn’t believe that 99k words had flown by (that’s more than any of my books, yet I read it in three sittings.) And I couldn’t believe it when it just….stopped.

Trigger warning (rant ahead):

This is not a complete book. It is a cliffhanger, and a serial. It is not the first book of a series, it is the first instalment of a serial. How many times do I have to rant about cliffhangers to people who think they’re writing a series? Series = complete books that link together. Serial = the end of one leads into the next instalment, usually with the hero/heroine on a knife-edge.

And it seems that in this case, it really is a knife-edge. There’s a knife involved somewhere, anyway.

Will I read Existence #2? Um, let me think for a mom…. yes I’m dying to! Oh, goodness, I have to wait till April!*

J Lenni Dorner, you’re a heel. Write a proper series next time, please! (One star deducted for cliffhanger)

* Proof of Existence (Existence #2) is due out in April.(goodreads)

Book Review | Fractions of Existence by J Lenni Dorner

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  • 25 February, 2023 at 4:58 pm

    Wow—I had much the same reaction to the blurb and the warnings, but now I, too, will have to rethink this :).

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