Feathers of the Phoenix is a new series from the wonderful Cheryl Carpinello. The Atlantean Horse is book 1, and the story suggests a search for five feathers in all! I already had this on my TBR, but was delighted when an ARC became available for the publishers and Netgalley. Thank you.

atlantean horse feathers of the phoenix

Feathers of the Phoenix: The Atlantean Horse (Book 1)

by Cheryl Carpinello

Ancient Mystery…Mystical Prophecy…Biblical Horsemen

One Epic Task

The Task: Retrieve the Five Feathers of the Phoenix to raise Atlantis so its people can return home.

The Chosen: Cousins Rosa & Jerome embark upon a perilous and personal quest to retrieve the first Feather. Rosa’s special gift, kept far in the Past, will be revealed, and Jerome will discover his.

The Opponents: The Four Deadly Horsemen of the Apocalypse will stop at nothing, not even murder, to possess the Feathers.

Join Rosa & Jerome as they risk all in their search for the First Feather!

My Review

Rosa is an experienced time traveller who appeared in the excellent Sons of the Sphinx, and I think she was responsible for giving Jerome an ankh to keep in touch. For Jerome, the idea of time travel is, well, screwy. So despite his joy at a holiday with Rosa to a Greek island to see his grandfather, when he starts experiencing odd events he dismisses them – apart from the weird people who seem to want to break into grandfather’s house. Like a good adventurer, he decides to track them down.

That leads grandfather to reveal the secret of the Five Feathers… and the adventure takes off, with secret signs, hidden caves, journeys in the dark, rock falls, and baddies around every corner. And the statue of an Atlantean horse with an all-too-knowing look in in its eye.

This is an excellent adventure, and will lead even the most reluctant reader onwards to discover the location of the next feather – and who will turn up to try to prevent Jerome and Rosa from finding it. Cheryl Carpinello writes exciting contemporary language for the more reluctant older middle grader. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series!

Book Review | Feathers of the Phoenix: the Atlantean Horse

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  • 27 May, 2023 at 5:27 pm

    This sounds very fun! After reading your review, I’m looking forward to starting the series. And the cover is stunning, too!

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