This is another from My Readers Block, who runs a number of very interesting challenges.  This one only requires nine entries, and I intend to pick them off as I go along with other challenges – but there’s always one pesky one near the end you have to hunt for!

This is how the organisers describe it:

The Color Coded Challenge

Once again the categories will be more open–the color may either be named in the title or it may appear as the dominant color for the cover of the book. For “implies color” the image implying color should dominate the cover–for instance a large rainbow, a field of flowers, or the image of a painter.  Get ready for a rainbow of reading in 2017.

Once I have a chance to look over my TBR list I’ll see if I’m able to do the colors this year. It’s getting harder and harder to do that from my own stacks. Once again there will not be a prize offered for this particular challenge this year.

Here are the rules:

*Read nine books in the following categories.

  1. A book with “Blue” or any shade of Blue (Turquoise, Aquamarine, Navy, etc) in the title/on the cover.
    • See You in the Cosmos, Carl Sagan by Jack Cheng (Feb-17)
  2. A book with “Red” or any shade of Red (Scarlet, Crimson, Burgundy, etc) in the title/on the cover.
    • I’m trying to decide whether The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud (Feb-17) is a red enough cover.  I think Gangsta Granny by David Walliams (Mar-17)is better.
  3. A book with “Yellow” or any shade of Yellow (Gold, Lemon, Maize, etc.)in the title/on the cover.
  4. A book with “Green” or any shade of Green (Emerald, Lime, Jade, etc) in the title/on the cover.
    • Pair Alleles by Jennifer Ellis (Feb-17)
  5. A book with “Brown” or any shade of Brown (Tan, Chocolate, Beige, etc)in the title/on the cover.
    • Uncorking a Lie by Nadine Nettman (Mar-17)
  6. A book with “Black” or any shade of Black (Jet, Ebony, Charcoal, etc) in the title/on the cover.
    • The Blackhouse by Peter May (Jan-17)
  7. A book with “White” or any shade of White (Ivory, Eggshell, Cream, etc)in the title/on the cover.
    • Shirley Link and the Black Cat by Ben Zackheim (Jun-17)
  8. A book with any other color in the title/on the cover (Purple, Orange, Silver, Pink, Magneta, etc.).
    • Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal (Feb-17) – purple
  9. A book with a word that implies color (Rainbow, Polka-dot, Plaid, Paisley, Stripe, etc.).

* Any book read from January 1 through December 31, 2017 will count,

Crossovers with other challenges are fine.
I’ll be adding my successes under each of the colours on this page.
If you want to join in this one, visit My Readers Block here. Sign ups accepted until Nov 1, 2017.



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