2018 TBR PileThe 2018 TBR Pile Reading Challenge crosses with my Mount TBR Challenge, but I have to list the 12 books I intend to read in advance – that is, now. There are two ‘alternates’ in case I need them.  Furthermore, the books must have been on my TBR list for at least a year, i.e. listed before 1/1/17.

It’s the brainchild of the Roof Beam Reader, and you can find his explanation here.  You have to sign up by 15th January.

My targeted books (links to reviews when read):

  1. Dining Out Around the Solar System (listed Feb-16, read Feb-18)
  2. Recovering Apollo 8 (listed Aug-15, read Feb-18)
  3. Daemon (listed Jan-13, read Mar-18)
  4. Tourist Trap (listed Oct-14, read Dec-18)
  5. Enemies at Home (listed Jul-14, read Aug-18)
  6. Under the Empyrean Sky (listed Nov-13, read Jun-18)
  7. Snapshots (listed Nov-15, read Apr-18)
  8. Guinevere: On The Eve of Legend (listed Aug-13, read Oct-18)
  9. Return of the Dragons (listed May-12, read Nov-18)
  10. A Little History of British Gardening (listed Jan-12, read Dec-18)
  11. Forged in Blood 1 (listed Dec-16, read Aug-18)
  12. My Animals and Other Family (listed Dec-16, read Feb-18)

YAY!!  I’ve finished…. just!  I skim-read No.6 after getting bored with it, and haven’t reviewed it.

While I don’t think I want to do this listing again, it did push me into reading books on my list I kept putting off.  And most of those were gems. So… I’ll see if I want to do it in 2020, I think.



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