Short story projects for submission 2022

Third Flatiron

I’m eagerly awaiting the topics for the 2022 Third Flatiron anthologies, since I missed out in 2021, I was so busy, and Things With Feathers sounded like something I should have had a go at. Ah, well.

They generally produce three Anthologies, with different themes, each year. They like speculative fiction, so scifi, fantasy, horror, magical realism, alternative worlds, time travel…

Rhonda Parrish

Rhonda has several Anthologies in the fantasy/horror spectrum on the go most of the time.  Some are restricted to her mailing list subscribers, so sign up. Her Elemental Anthology theme went through Air, Earth, Wind and Water.  She also has animal themes from time to time (I never completed my effort for Pirate Pups). You can read my review of the first Horse one.

Famhair’s Point was shortlisted for the Earth anthology (theme: Giants) but missed the final cut.

Currently working on one for Women and the Sea (due August 22).

IWSG Anthology 2019IWSG annual submission

The Insecure Writers Support Group started producing an annual anthology five years ago now. The call is generally published in March or April, and closes in September.

Having submitted several times, and beta read several successful entries, I’m not sure whether my work is what they’re looking for. Maybe my pieces weren’t strong enough, but I think also I’m on a different wavelength.

Other Annual Prizes

The Moth Prize for short fiction (annual). Asks for stories suitable for the magazine, to be judged by a guest writer or repute. Up to 5,000 words. €15 (approximately $17) fee. Deadline June.

The Bridport Prize has sections for Short Story (max 5,000 words, £12), and Flash Fiction (250 words ex.title, £9) , as well as a novel award. Deadline 31st May.


2022 short story calls and submission

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  • 27 January, 2022 at 12:48 am

    I had forgotten about those anthologies. I might need to think about writing a story for one or more.


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