Short story competitions have been everywhere during lockdown, it seems.

National Flash Fiction Day

national flash fiction day 2020

Most importantly, National Flash Fiction Day, linked with the journal Flash Flood opened for submissions last week, and closed yesterday.

I submitted three pieces, all of which had been well received on the blog, but none made the cut.  But I know I’m in good company.

National Flash Fiction Day is this Saturday 6th June. Stories throughout the day from 00:01 BST.

IWSG Anthology

I have an idea for the IWSG Anthology, but I’ll keep it to myself for a while. Scifi and Dark Matter sound like things I’ve been working on for Book 3 of Viridian Series, but I don’t want to go near that for the anthology. The new idea floated in the kidnapping short story might get used though.

Jemima’s Collection

I’m making progress on cataloging all my short stories to help me determine what to put in a Collection. I’m working back and have got to November 2016. The trouble is, I was prolific between 2013 and 2017! This could take a while.

Did you know that an Anthology is a collection of works by many people, and a Collection is applied to that of a single author?

Short story submissions – progress

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