There have been several calls for submissions with closing dates either at the start or end of August (ish).  I’ve a mixed bag of responses, partly due to focusing on another project.

Here’s an update on activities more or less by date:

  1. Missed the deadline for Third Flatiron‘s Longevity call, when they moved it forward a week. I was disappointed, although I hadn’t completed the story I was working on.  Maybe it’ll come in handy another time.
  2. Saw a call for short stories for the TU Dublin Short Story competition. Decided I couldn’t make the deadline due to working on other projects.  Although maybe I should have cut the one I was doing for Longevity down from 6,000 to 1,500, as it could have twisted into ‘Infinite Possibilities’.  Closes today, 19th August.
  3. My submission for the Moth prize wasn’t accepted.
  4. IWSG Anthology 2019Completed my submission for the IWSG Anthology with a story called ‘Salt on the Pillow, Sand in his Shoes.’ If it isn’t accepted it could turn into a collection of short adventure stories, or even something longer. Even if it is accepted, it could be the start of more novellas on that theme. Closes 4th September.
  5. Still working on my idea for Rhonda Parrish’s Hear Me Roar, which closes 1st September.  Better pull my finger out.
  6. Have a better idea for Rhonda Parrish’s Elemental Anthologies 3 – Air; submissions November 1st through December 31st.
  7. A new Carruthers story might come out for Rhonda Parrish’s next anthology of reworked fairytales, submissions open next February. I  miss those dastardly chaps.  See Rhonda’s ‘open for submissions’ pages here.

And that’s why I’m not blogging so much.

Submissions update August 2019

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