This idea for the Adventurers blog series emerged during late 2017 when I was working out how to guest post for the Story Reading Ape in 2018.  I’d already had a yearning to write stories for some of my illustrator Dani English’s wonderful character sketches.  With Dani’s permission, and the Ape’s approval, that’s what happened.

As I said in the introduction to the second episode, regular readers of my blog may start to see some connections with the world of my colour blind ranger and indebted bard, who feature in my flash fiction from 2016 onwards.

The episodes are linked to the original posts on The Story Reading Ape.  If you don’t follow him already, I recommend you do.  Apart from guest posts he also reblogs cartoons, writing and blogging news and advice, and other posts of interest to readers, writers and bloggers.

The serial

Chapter 1: The Start of the Adventure
Chapter 2: Well-met at Lodestar
Chapter 3: The Reality of Adventuring
Chapter 4: The Wandering Raven merchant
Chapter 5: The Stone of Courage
Chapter 6: The Red Mage Cat
Chapter 7: The Elk of the Woods
Chapter 8: Escape from the Elk
Chapter 9: The Red Mage Cat’s Revenge
Chapter 10: The Bull Inn at Erewhen
Chapter 11: The Fox-Rabbit and the Cat
Chapter 12: The Adventurers on the Road

Future for the Adventurers?

The Adventurers may turn up in more stories in the future.  That might be in a novella, a collection, or something else.

I need to discuss illustrations for the stories with Dani, as using them as prompts was a nice idea, but maybe they need to be more relevant to the story.  The story evolved and I didn’t have apt illustrations for them.  There’s no Carver and Horse, and Talbot could do with more prominence.  I’ll see what ideas she has.

Watch this space.

The Adventurers © J M Pett 2018

Illustration © Danielle English 2016

See more of Dani’s illustrations and her social media links.

The Adventurers – monthly guest blog series

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