The Cavies of Flexford Common came about because I kept being asked for something for more junior readers at the craft fairs I do. After substantial research, I set this as adventures of Roscoe and Neville, who find their way out of my house onto the local common.

Key Stage 1 Reader

This meets the requirements of UK Key Stage 1 in reading. Simple sentences, lots of illustrations, but enough problems in the story to keep the reader’s interest. If you want to read more about how it came about, check my IWSG posts in 2023.

Several people beta read it, and of course the most important were the people of the correct age (about 7). Thank you all.

The Cavies of Flexford Common

cavies flexford common

Roscoe and Neville, two guinea pigs (cavies), discover a hole in the corner of their room, which leads to the outside of their house. They can’t resist an excursion on a moonlit night. What could go wrong?

Fortunately, they are rescued by two more guinea pigs, Luna and Bambi, who are in the habit of wandering the common. And that means that at the next opportunity, Roscoe and Neville go out again to see if they can find them. Bambi sees the chance to explore something that has mystified her in the past, so they set off together … to see if there really is a ghost in the farmer’s barn!

The Cavies of Flexford Common is an 84 page book, printed in 20 point sans-serif typeface on cream paper. There are illustrations (by the author) on most double page spreads. This book is not available as an ebook, and to keep prices down, is only available from the publishers Blurb, or direct from the author. Click the preview below or go to the Blurb web page.

The Cavies of Flexford Common

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