Princelings of the East has now been downloaded 22 times on Smashwords (including 3 by me, in different formats to check), all in its first week.  All of those are samples rather than purchases but I hope they’ll want to read more in time.

The Kindle version on Amazon has 2 US sales and 5 UK sales at the end of its second week, which is terrific. Thank you, friends.

The main thing that all the self-published and indie authors say on Twitter is to keep up the self-marketing, so I apologise for sounding a bit single-minded if I do.  I’ve found some very useful blogs and tips, some of which I’ve added feeds to on this site.

One of the most enjoyable tips is to publish a second book, so I hope to bring out Pirates in a month or two.  Danielle was planning to work on the cover during her Christmas break, and I could spend some time doing the chapter illustrations then too.  Especially as I could sketch in company whereas blogging or editing is a bit anti-social when you have friends or family around!  The editing of Pirates is coming along ok, though.  I’ve marked a couple of parts which could do with a re-write, but it seems to flow better and be more action-packed than the first one, which is good.  Especially in an adventure story!

Meanwhile I have tasked myself with doing two things that can be classed as marketing every workday.  Not too hard, as this counts as one!

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Princelings makes progress

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