A genuine Hero. Famous, successful, beloved by all. Bored to tears. Until it all goes horribly wrong…

Mr Fritschi introduces us to Tilger, a Hero trying to recover his lost heroism. His pomposity is suffered by his highly intelligent horse (even more intelligent than your average horse) and a local being who takes up with him, and each manages to endure the other’s company far longer than others they have endured in the past. I loved the Cha-toosh’s character and his inventions, and by the time Tilger is learning his lessons I’m feeling far fonder of him too! This world is inventive and enjoyable; I was happy enough with our hero’s quest and his adversities until an evil adversary arrives in the book. Just as I was losing interest, the plot hurtles into a pirate adventure and the writing really takes off! A superb bit of seafaring adventure with added steampunk! It could have been 4 stars but that turned it into 5.

One of the criticisms of indie publishing is that the quality of the books, editing and so on, is poor.  I did find some persistent typos in this story somewhat distracting, but frankly I’ve seen worse in best-sellers from top publishers.   Having discussed this problem with the author it turns out it was a technical nightmare involving a professional editor that put the gremlins in the works.  It could happen to anybody, indie or not, and indies generally find it easier to upload corrected versions of their books!

That said, the book winds up satisfactorily with the end of the first part of the quest and leaves me hunting for the next in the series.

Hero – The Unknown Territories by Christopher Fritschi

Book Review: Hero – The Unknown Territories by Christopher Fritschi
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