Interviews are well on the way and are scheduled as follows:

  • 28th June: Princeling Fred of Castle Marsh
  • 5th July: Victor Barton of the Inn of the Seventh Happiness
  • 12th July: Hugo (Lord Mariusz of Hattan)
  • 19th July: Prince Lupin of Buckmore
  • 26th July: Professor Saku of Castle Hattan
  • 2nd August: Lady Nimrod of Buckmore
  • 9th August: Lord Smallweed of Vexstein
  • 16th August: Princess Kira of Marsh (formerly Dimerie)
  • 23rd August: Sundance, of the secret service
  • 30th August: Ludo, the Pirate King
  • 6th September: Princeling George of Castle Marsh

I still haven’t made contact with Ludo, as of course he is on the high seas, but I hope to have interviewed him by then.  If not, George’s interview will appear a week early.  I would like to thank all the other interviewees for their acceptance of the assignment and for their hospitality.  I have really enjoyed my visits.

Subject to agreement from some other people, I will be publishing a picture of the guinea pig who inspired each of the characters along with the interviews.  Now that I have been clear about the Princelings of the East being guinea pigs, it might help to see them as I see them!

Interview your Favourite Characters (3)

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