goodreads large buttonWell, the Giveaway of the Princelings Trilogy is over and I’m very pleased with the results.  I thought maybe 400 people would enter and 884 did!  I made sure that people realised it was about guinea pigs right on the very front clip so they could skip if they wanted.  It just shows that I am far too self-conscious about writing about my boys – they are good characters and other people are interested in them!

Congratulations to Kimy from USA and Rachel from Canada who won the autographed copies.

Of course, some people enter giveaways whether they are interested in the book or not.  Any free book is a good book, right?  I have no idea what the demographic of Goodreads is (how it splits into age groups, gender etc), but I had an interesting scroll through the list of who’d entered.  This shows the avatar, name, how many books and how many friends.  I didn’t count in detail, but if this is my potential readership, I note the following:

  • there are many more women than men – about 10 to 1
  • about a third are there just for the books – many have no friends but thousands of books listed (and no photo for their avatar)
  • about ten percent of those entered have animals for their avatars – dogs, cats, birds, guineapigs, wild animals, wild birds, a couple of fish and a spider. I don’t remember any horses or rabbits, which might be surprising.  There was a koala and at least one bear.
  • I’d estimate the age of those in the avatars to range from a few months to older than me.  Not many older than me!  The majority would be in the teen-thirty age range.  That may reflect the users of Goodreads as much as anything else.

It doesn’t mean a lot, but it does help me understand who is interested in my books.

Thank you all for taking part!

Goodreads Giveaway results
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