Lord Mariusz’s tale of exploration on the other side of the time tunnel comes to the end of its time on Amazon’s Kindle Owners Lending Library at midnight tonight.  This is otherwise known as the Amazon-exclusive period, and although there are lots of detractors of the scheme, I feel it helps me get the books promoted through the 5 free days allowed in each quarter.  My preference is to have the books available for all readers, and not even protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM), which prevents you from lending them to others or moving them onto non-registered devices. 

When I first started publishing, I thought DRM was a good thing, as it prevented people from ‘stealing’ my books.  I soon came round to the way of thinking that people find good books by borrowing them from friends.  If I think about my life, more than half the time I found good books or music it was because someone had recommended them or encouraged me to borrow them.  In theory you can do that with my books, except for the Amazon kindle version of Princelings of the East.  If you want that without DRM, go to Smashwords and download the Kindle version there.

So what next for the Traveler in Black and White?  Firstly, he’ll be uploaded to Smashwords sometime next week.  With any luck, he’ll pass all the technical checks and be available on Smashwords by March 1st.  Smashwords send him out to all the major stores – the iBookstore, Barnes & Noble (B&N), Indigo, Sony, Kobo and so on.  It depends on the store when he gets online there.  If you use those stores it would be great if you could stop by and like or review the books there.  He’ll also get onto a special Library distribution channel in the USA, at a special price.  So you could ask your librarian if (s)he could get the series in.   I consider the Princelings Trilogy is suitable for Middle Grades (generally ages 8-12 or 9-14), with a PG on Lost City, and I think Traveler comes with a PG-13 suggestion.  I may be over-cautious, but until I get some reviews of Lost City and Traveler that can really tell me whether my writing of what the ladies of Arbor get up to, and the vampire adventures in Traveler, are too much for a PG, I don’t know.  I will have a similar problem for the next book, but that will probably be PG, I think.

So… coming soon to a non-Amazon estore near you – The Traveler in Black and White!  Hugo/Lord Mariusz at his finest.  I love those boys!

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Guess which is which!

What the Traveler in Black and White does next
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