I woke up this morning remembering that Read an eBook Week finished at midnight Pacific Time, which gave me until 8 am to make my own ‘purchases’.  It was very interesting reading through the Children’s books. The blurbs for Princelings really stand out as being ‘different’ – wholly more grown up in character.  I’m not sure whether this is good or bad.  I don’t remember being attracted to things that were specifically for juniors when I was 12.  Given that I remember reading some very adult things in the newspaper then, I wonder whether I might have been put off by some of these descriptions.  Of course my reading at 12 is not a ‘children’s’ reading age, but I find it difficult to remember what I chose for myself any earlier.  If it was about horses or other wildlife I read it!  I also enjoyed legends, and I woke up yesterday wondering what had happened to a book I had, called “Tales of Irish Enchantment”.  I’m sure I kept it on my last house move.

The good news is that I had 21 ‘purchases’ of the Princelings of the East, which I hope people enjoy.  This is a huge increase on last year, and I think next year I might put my entire catalogue out in the ‘free’ section. After all, my whizz through the children’s and YA sections this morning were pretty much limited to the free sections.  I did look at the offers in Children’s and considered a couple at 50% off (which my others were set at), but chose three freebies before the clock struck midnight in California and the coach turned back into a pumpkin!  One minute the books showed their discount codes, the next refresh and they were gone!  I was just in time to get a Lindsay Buroker, a Neon May and a James Carmody.  I was thinking about a horse book by Rebecca Weinstein too, but it was half-price and time was running out.  Another time maybe.

Thank you to all these authors and I hope you had a good time in read an ebook week as well.  Here’s to next year.

And I hope people are kind enough to leave reviews if they downloaded the books.  I will – although I confess I am way behind in my reading.  124 books in my kindle and probably around 90 to read!

Maybe I should revise my short descriptions of my books, though.  They say it often helps.

End of Read an eBook Week
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