Yep, I’m all organised although there’re still some stories to be written and books to be read in order to review them.  The question is, what are YOU doing about the A to Z Blog Challenge?  I mean, you’re reading this, and I bet you’ve got your own blog.  All you need to do is explained at the A to Z Challenge pages.  Basically, post something beginning with A on April 1st; B on April 2nd and so on, taking Sundays off.  And hey presto, you end up blogging about something beginning with Z on April 30th.

It’s a blog hop, so once you’ve signed up at the linky list on that website, you come back during the month and work your way through other participants, perhaps going back again to those you like.  I tend to add those that interest me to my blogroll on the bottom right of this page (scroll down) so I can always find them again. 

It helps if you get organised beforehand… you mean you haven’t noticed that I’m getting ready?  I wrote out a list at first then gradually started adding words and titles against each date.  Then I started writing the posts, and then I started scheduling them on my blog.  For WordPress, where it says “Publish immediately Edit” next to the editing window, click edit and you get a box where you can schedule your dates.  Then the ‘publish’ button, turns to ‘schedule’.  Neat, eh?

I’ve got most of my blog posts written now, and about half of them scheduled.  Three of my writing course friends are publishing short stories with me, and my illustrator Dani is talking about her work too.  I’ve read and prepared the review of Diary of a Penguin-napper (also for the Kid Lit Blog Hop) and Island of the Blue Dolphins (Classic Childrens Book Challenge), but I still have to read:

  • The Ninja Librarian by Rebecca M Douglass also for the Kid Lit Blog Hop
  • Quicksand – The Mysterious Disappearance of Dakotaroo by Krista Michelle Breen
  • Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle for Classic Childrens Book Challenge and Time Travel Challenge

By the way, throughout April The Traveler in Black and White will be half price at Smashwords with the coupon code NY74H.  If you get it, please would you post a review as soon as you can?

Three weeks to the A to Z Challenge – What, How, Where?

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