Believe it or not, there is an overall story happening in the Princelings series.  In the trilogy part it was obvious and complete, but as the stories continue, they are working towards an end point in my mind.

Victor’s Story, of which I wrote about half a few years ago, is set in the next year or so.  I found it easier to use real dates when I started, so I’ve continued.  When I started his story I remember sitting and thinking of what changes would have come about since the strawberry juice energy machine was invented.  Another logical development was hinted at in the Lost City and inspired me for a story (set after Victor’s story) that I started writing – the one with the “Explosive Mixture” chapter in it.  At this stage, I’m not sure whether either of those will ever be published, as things are changing fast, complicated by the emergence of vampires and werewolves in various parts of the princelings’ realm.

Flying machne at 7HSomething that was said at a non-writing conference I went to recently reminded me that social change usually accompanies technological change.  I had the opportunity for a long discussion over lunch or dinner with someone with a huge amount of knowledge of innovation and change, which gave me some great insight.  I think he was amused by the stories, but very interested that my world seems to be missing out the steam age and jumping straight into advanced technology.  Although as Victor has already used a velocipede in the first book, I think I should bring that technology out more, or at least show why it didn’t catch on, if the other ideas I have are going to set this world alight.

And you thought I just wrote the stories as they occurred to me!

Working on the overall story

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