Shirley Link and the Black Cat follows Shirley Link and the Safe Case, Shirley Link and the Hot Comic and Shirley Link and the Treasure Chest, in this wonderful MG detective series.

Shirley Link and the Black Cat

Shirley Link Black Catby Ben Zackheim

The Blurb

In her fourth adventure, Shirley Link takes a walk on the dark side of her hometown. When a young man, known for making trouble, is targeted as suspect #1 in a string of robberies, Shirley works hard to find the truth.

But even if she proves his innocence, can she save him from himself?

Join Shirley on her most daring adventure yet!

My Review

Shirley Link and the Black Cat is book 4 in this engaging middle grade series, and it’s a lovely return to some really great characters.

I’d been reading books that were – shall I say, hard work? This was a delightful change, fast, well written, full of imagination. As usual plenty of suspects come to light, although one stands out as all fingers point to him – and he’s not doing himself any favours.

I love the way Shirley brings her empathy into play as well as her intellectual powers to solve the problem and help her neighbours.  She never comes across as a goody-two-shoes, yet she’s a great role model.

The author reveals the clues at just the right pace to keep a reluctant reader going forward; I am sure he inspires many a young person.  As for me, he inspires me to think outside the box more in my own writing.

add to your goodreads listShirley Link is brilliant, and this is one of her best adventures.  5 stars from me!

The author, Ben Zackheim, is a fellow BookElf. I bought this book from Amazon at what I believe to be the normal price.

Check out his other series: The Camelot Kids

Book Review | Shirley Link & the Black Cat (Shirley Link 4)
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  • 18 July, 2017 at 6:19 am

    I’ve fallen behind with the series. Time to catch up, because I totally agree about Shirley Link!

    • 18 July, 2017 at 1:27 pm

      It was quite a while since my previous one, too. So many good books to read… and bad ones that get in the way!

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