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Lucky Leprechauns, it’s time for your St Patrick’s Day Giveaway!  Thank you so much to Mary at Bookhounds for keeping these opportunities going! Since I’ve been busy bringing books out in the first couple of months of 2019, I thought I’d give you a chance to win several copies worth more than $10, or if you don’t want those, an alternative from my catalogue, or a $10 gift card/Paypal cash.

Best value for lucky leprechauns?

Definitely the double ebook box set!

The first box set, which came out three years ago, consists of The Princelings of the East, the Princelings and the Pirates, and the Princelings and the Lost City, known together as ‘the trilogy’. The box set normally retails at $6.99, with the second and third books normally costing $3.99 each, and the first so often on offer, I’ll say it’s free! So that box set is at least dollar less than buying the three separately.

And now the new box set, which was published on 20th February, and retails at $8.99 (each of the books is usually $3.99, so that’s a whopping $3 saving!):

The Traveler in Black and White: this prequel to the series enables Lord Mariusz to set the record straight in his own laid-back style. Was he really a profiteering, hard-hearted, opportunistic charlatan? Or just a charming victim of circumstance. He’s certainly charming.

The Talent Seekers provide Humphrey with the opportunity to use his unnatural powers of hearing and memory. He emerges from the obscurity of gangs of refugees and outcasts, victimised by the evil Lord Colman, to become the hero of the hour. But surely, isn’t friendship what it’s all about?

Bravo Victor takes us further away from the Realms than we’ve ever been, showing that inventions and shady deals know no boundaries. Why has Princeling George not returned from the flying festival, and who is trying to smuggle a banned drink into the Realms? Sundance is tasked to find out, but it’s Victor’s expertise that he needs to solve his problems.

And one choice for the giveaway prizewinner is BOTH ebook box sets!

Maybe you’d prefer science fiction for grown-ups?

Having republished The Perihelix last April, and the follow-up in the series, Curved Space to Corsair in January, I’m offering both in paperback as an alternative prize for the winner. The paperbacks are each listed at B&N for $10.65, and I’m offering both of them as a prize choice! If you’d prefer them as ebooks, that’s fine too.

Big Pete and the Swede. Two miners, made rich by their excavation of the asteroid belt in the Viridian System. It’s a long way from anywhere, and especially from the domineering Imperium and their foes, the Federation. But things are changing. And our miners have secret destinies, secret from each other, and even themselves.

In The Perihelix, the miners get kidnapped after getting strange messages leading them to another planet. While they are forced to search for relics of a legendary weapon, their women have to learn how to fly their space ship… or die.

Curved Space to Corsair starts with a course error sending the group to the other side of the galaxy. Can they find how to get to Corsair, where Pete’s family are desperate for the perihelix to come to their aid, even when war breaks out…

The Giveaway

The Lucky Leprechauns giveaway runs from today, 15th March, for two weeks, ending on Thursday 28th March (midnight New York time). It’s open only in countries and states where this type of raffle is legal, and probably only to over 18s. As well as the main prize, I’m offering some runners-up prizes, too.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, my lucky leprechauns, let’s go hopping!



Lucky Leprechauns! It’s a Giveaway Hop!

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  • 15 March, 2019 at 3:07 pm

    A great deal, Jemima! I’ll have to partake!

  • 19 March, 2019 at 8:57 pm

    I wasn’t going to enter your giveaway, just to give others more chances but… it’s too easy 🙂

    • 21 March, 2019 at 11:36 pm

      I realised I forgot to put a ‘please comment’ entry in, and nobody is!

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