Greed and Retribution is the second of my Flash Fiction collection to hit the press. And it’s my G for the A to Z Challenge today.

Greed and Retribution: The Carruthers Collection and Other Twisty Tales

If you’ve been reading my flash fiction long, you’ll have come across Carruthers and his friends. Generally they are early 20th century type explorers, Indiana Jones without the charm. Well, they have charm but they don’t display it much. Greed is what they’re about. And they often come to a sticky end.

greed and retribution
The picture is my father in Africa in the 1930s

I also have several stories about other people getting what they deserve. Including a few trips to Hell to see what the devil, usually named as Luc, has in store for them.

There are more than twenty stories in this volume, which runs to around 30,000 words. It’ll be available in ebook form on 8th May, and if you sign up for my mailing list, you can can pre-order it or get it on pre-sale at Smashwords at a special price. Details of that in my newsletter for late April.

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#amwriting update

Yes, I’m still writing Zanzibar’s Rings at Camp Nano. I did a lot yesterday, including getting my timeline sorted out. I stopped at nearly 30,000 words so far, which looks like it’s ahead of schedule, but is only 10k added this month. I didn’t do much over Easter, though. It took me to the end of Chapter 10 to mention the planet Zanzibar. I think something might be wrong with my plotting.

See the progress bar below to keep a check on my wordcount.

Greed and Retribution #AtoZChallenge2021
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    Thank you for the information. Sounds very interesting. Will put it on my TBR. Have a nice day! Michael

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