Giftmas was invented by Rhonda Parrish, who each year convenes a blog ‘tour’ to raise money for the Edmonton (Alberta) food bank.

giftmas 2021

What is this Giftmas Exquisite Corpse / blog hop story game?

We are writing a story in relays, or rather, a blogtrain. Rhonda started it off on her blog today, and the full list is:

So please go to Rhonda’s blog to read the first episode, and read through to today. Mine will be out on Saturday. Or come back next week and read them all in order 🙂


There’s no point in doing this if nobody feels like contributing to the fund-raising aspect of it. Rhonda’s goal is to raise CAN $1,200 for the Edmonton Food Bank, which would magically transform into 3,600 meals for hungry people. As there are ten of us in the chain, that makes each of us personally responsible for raising $120. And if I have twelve readers who each contribute $10, that does it, doesn’t it? So, if you contribute the equivalent of just $10 Canadian dollars or more (use this converter) we have a great chance of reaching Rhonda’s goal.

Giftmas - donate now

P.S. One of Rhonda’s Australian friends needed a Canadian postal code to donate for some reason (this is new, this year. She’s still looking into it). If you run into this problem Santa’s postal code at The North Pole is H0H 0H0 or if you’re feeling more sci-fi, the postal code for Vulcan, Alberta is T0L 2B0 (those 0s are all zeroes.)

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