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The following paperback books are available from our publishing partners Blurb, who are offering a two day sale throughout their store.

Click the preview (opens in another tab) and buy via the shopping basket. Add all the books you want to your Blurb order before you add the promocode (or use it singly up to five times). Use capitals to add the code.

The Unexpected Twisty Tales Series

Five volumes of flash fiction, approx 25 stories in each, approx 30k words per volume. Each volume groups stories by theme, as shown in the title and on the back cover.

To find these in ebook format, click here.

The Messenger Misadventures

Four short (6-8k words each) adventures starring Dylan, Deirdre and Dougall, suitable for good readers aged 8 and up, and can be read to younger ones.

This is available in ebook and b/w paperback at your online stores.

If you’d like the paperback with coloured illustrations in some of the stories at 20% discount with the BOOKFANS promo, click through from this preview!

Promotion starts 0:00 22 June, ends 11.59pm 23 June, all times local. For full Ts&Cs check the promotions page at Blurb.com (or your local Blurb URL)

TWO DAY SALE – 20% off short story paperbacks: five volumes of themed #flashfiction for grown-ups, and a collection of four short adventures for juniors 8 and up. Ends midnight 23 June (local time). #MGlit #specfic @BlurbBooks Share on X

TWO DAY SALE – 20% off short story paperbacks

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