September Updates for my Reading Challenges – already? I suppose so. I have been reading a lot of books this year.

Overall – my Goodreads Reading Challenge

When I set myself the task of reading 52, one a week, to feed the Saturday Book Reviews on the blog, I achieve it easily. If I go for 60, 5 a month, I struggle.

So why is it I’ve already passed my goal for the whole of 2022? That’s ridiculous. I was aware I was doing non-stop reading at one point. I have started to fill in weekday posts with reviews. But… I might be out to set a new record for me this year!

Featured Challenges – September Updates

2022 Finishing the series

Finishing the Series 22

This is driving the extra reading, I think. I had several long series that I’ve made progress on. I’m now at 4 completed (or up to date) series out of my target of five.

  • Dining Out Around the Solar System (one added)
  • Shadows from the Past (five added)
  • Sage Trilogy (one added)
  • Encrypted series (two added)

It’s touch and go whether I’ll read two more Flavia Alba books (one published this year, four read already this year); the Time Quintet (two more to read); Cassastar series (two more to read), or the Steerswoman series (three more to read). I bet it’ll be one with two more to read…

Non-fiction adventure

A Non-Fiction Adventure

I was already two books into my target of five, and I’m now three into my stretch target of next year’s five. There’s definitely one more I’ll be reading over Christmas, so I reckon I’ll be doing the stretch target before the end of the year. This is a very easy challenge, especially with the books on my physical shelf I still haven’t read. I reckon I’ll be continuing it for another fifty books when I complete these! (Helps the TBR, too)

alphabet soup challenge 2022

Alphabet Soup

I’ve done well, picking Alphabet books off in preference to others – and that helped me get further into some of my Series as well. I’ve just about finished book 24 of 26. I’m left with X and Z. I picked a Z book that was free, even though it’s not really my style (zombie apocalypse). I still haven’t located an X I want to read, although I have seen a couple I don’t want to read in the library…

Mount TBR

Reading books that have been on my TBR for years is going fairly well, but too many of them arrived in late 2021. I’m working on getting things off my list from 2016 and earlier. The series have helped a lot here. I’m currently on 30 of 36. I can see my way to 32 with no sweat. It’ll probably depend on those last two series books, of which the Time Quintet look like the best from the TBR (2018 both).


SpaceTime Reading Challenge

Oh, dear me. I can tell you more about the books I haven’t read on this one. I keep starting books and hating them. Especially time travel ones. I’ve soldiered on with some to at least warrant a review and a tick on the list, but… I’d like some good old-fashioned space opera to help out. And one I’ve included aren’t really spacetime at all… just nearly. Must try harder–especially on my own challenge! I hope my challenge signers are doing better! Maybe their updates will inspire me.

Reading Challenge September Updates #spacetimereads

5 thoughts on “Reading Challenge September Updates #spacetimereads

  • 28 September, 2022 at 8:07 am

    Well done you (and great mix of challenges). I think I’ve hit my book count (mostly thanks to a bout of illness – silver linings – haha). Have you got a favourite book you’ve read this year? KL <3

    • 29 September, 2022 at 8:47 am

      I do a book of the year at the end of the year, KL, but I generally have several as genre prizes because I can’t pick just one!

  • 28 September, 2022 at 3:03 pm

    I really do admire your commitment! 💜

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