Another year of Reading Challenges finished. And for once, I’m really relaxed about it. No last minute reading till the new year chimes. I’d even got time to put some non-challenge reading in during December. The trouble has been fitting in the reviews! The main reason for this was having a lot of ARCs at the start of the year that fit the Alphabet Soup well. And also I haven’t been writing so much, and I have been sitting out in the garden with the guinea pigs on these long dry days, so I had plenty of time for reading.

Right then: out with the numbers!

Goodreads Challenge (target – 52)

Result: Well, I passed 52 in mid-September… and I’ll hit 70 when I finish my Sondheim book later today!

2022 Finishing the Series Challenge

2022 Finishing the series

This was a spur to reading, really. I really focused on getting these series done, and some of them, like The Shadows of the Past, sprang some surprises by counting in novellas to the main series and renumbering them.

I completed 5 series, which is the minimum for the B-List category, which was my goal. I nearly went for a sixth, but am holding back on that one for the new year. It will be finished in January, I think, as it’s such a good series I can’t put it down! Clue: C S Boyack.

I’m up to date on two of my favourite series which will have further additions next year, and I’m leaving them out till 2024. That leaves me space to add more series into next year’s challenge–which you can see here.

A Non-Fiction Adventure

Non-fiction adventure

Once again, I completed the first five easily, as I’d leaked into it from 2021. I’ve also achieved a second group of five, and was holding back to read the Sondheim this week and have it finish the year.

That brings me to 40 read in six years, out of a target of 50 in ten. I’ve been considering extending the challenge to 100 books. The trouble is ‘over what timescale?’ To read 60 more in four years is pushing it, although goodness knows I have plenty to read on my bookshelf.

As a compromise, I’m amending this target to 100 books in twelve years.

So I go from being well ahead of schedule, to somewhat behind the halfway goal. I think I’ll enjoy it, though. I now have 60 to read in 6 years, which is easy enough to measure.

Alphabet Soup

alphabet soup challenge 2022

For the first time in years, I’ve read all the letters, and completed in November. I really hunted for X and Z books, as you’ll know if you’ve read their reviews!

I enjoy this challenge. I like planning it at the start of the year, mixing books I am targeted to read as ARCs with those that have been on my kindle for decades… nearly! It’s also interesting to see which of those on the plan actually get read – I often have something planned for a letter that is either superseded by another, or just doesn’t appeal when another does. So I’m doing it in 2023, and hope Lori Caswell sees it through as always.

Mount TBR Reading Challenge

I focused on getting this done in the latter part of the year, and the series books really helped. I’m pleased to say I reached Mount Vancouver this week, thanks to the Sondheim book. But that I’d finish with that was never in doubt!

I realise that although I like this challenge to focus on getting things off my TBR list, the challenge owner wants to get things off your TBR shelf, and doesn’t approve of library books. I’ve been making more use of my library this year, and six of the books I included were, strictly speaking, not allowed. I’m dithering about whether to continue with Mount Vancouver and omit library books, or to drop down one level and exclude them, or to carry on as I am. I think as I’m upping my non-fiction quota (most of which are on my shelf) I’ll stick with Mount Vancouver (36 books), and leave out the library books unless I’m desperate towards the end of the year!

SpaceTime Reading Challenge


At one point I thought I wasn’t going to do this, as I had fallen out of love with scifi and time travel, after a couple of dodgy reads. Fortunately a couple of scifi in the autumn pulled me back on track, and I achieved my goal of ten books and Interstellar Explorer status once more.

And that’s what I’m going for again in 2023. You can find the sign-up post for this challenge on the November 30 post, or on the permanent #spacetimereads page.

What am I doing for 2023?

More of the same. I enjoy these particular challenges, and it fits what I like to read. If I spot another reading challenge that really grabs my fancy, I’ll post about it!

2022 Reading Challenge Round-up
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5 thoughts on “2022 Reading Challenge Round-up

  • 30 December, 2022 at 5:05 pm

    My reading for 2022 was lackluster. I was in a slump and I have yet to find a book to lift me out yet. =(

    • 30 December, 2022 at 6:18 pm

      I can recommend a book of short stories for that 🤣

  • 30 December, 2022 at 5:39 pm

    I didn’t do so well with reading this year. I dropped out of all the challenges, and pretty much stopped tracking on Goodreads, so I don’t know if I even made the very modest reading target I set for this year. I’m not entirely sure what’s up with that, though the travel I did this year left little time for reading. It’s more that when I do read, I tend to turn to re-reads. Safe and comfortable 🙂 I do need to do a post for the Space-time challenge–thanks for the reminder. I don’t remember if I signed up for 2022, but I know I did for 2023, and need to line up some books.

    I get through a fair amount of non-fiction with audio books. It can be less satisfying, but does tend to get me through even the dry bits.

    • 30 December, 2022 at 6:21 pm

      I think you’ve done a better job for your well-being than I have with my reading. I’ve been quite grumpy in some of my reviews. And you’ve done plenty more writing than me. And as for photographs… Looking forward to finding out your word of the year for IWSG next week!

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