Pastime is the prompt for Tuesday. There isn’t one for tomorrow when it becomes One Liner Wednesday. I’ll think about that.

Just Jot It January is by Linda Hill (with help from her friends). You can jot something down for the prompt anywhere, any time, just post it on your blog before the end of the month (so it seems). You can read the full instructions here.

Pastime – Jan 9th

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Instant thoughts on ‘pastime’…

I’ve already read a couple of posts for this prompt, and they were both excellent. One considered blogging as one of her pastimes, which is definitely true in my case, as I already had a blog of sorts before I started writing. Now of course, it’s essential to my web presence!

‘ve had a great many pastimes, varying from collecting things as a kid, planning my next travel adventure, and gardening once I had a place of my own. That was also my parents’ pastime, so I never got involved when I was living ‘at home’. I also painted, read, and of course anything relating to horses could be classed as a pastime, but it was more of a compulsion, really.

Some pastimes are harmless, even educational. But at the moment I spend far too much time on my iPad, playing games. Pastimes are what you do in your spare time for enjoyment. I don’t think games are really pastimes, unless you’re playing with someone else. What do you think?

Why do snowdrops bloom in January? To keep gardeners interested, perhaps!

Pastime | #JusJoJan24 the 9th
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3 thoughts on “Pastime | #JusJoJan24 the 9th

  • 9 January, 2024 at 3:26 pm

    Oh, those computer games! They are insidious and IMO time wasters, not real pastimes. My current obsession with Duolingo at least is educational, but has many of the addictive elements of a game, which is no accident. But then… if I play solitaire with actual cards, is that better? What about building a jigsaw puzzle all by myself (another activity I find more or less addictive, once I start)? Planning for my next trip is definitely a favorite of mine!

  • 9 January, 2024 at 8:18 pm

    Apologies for sending this out with the wrong word on it to start with – and the URL was therefore wrong too. Thanks for finding it!


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