Nature writing is something I’ve been intending to do more of. It’s already four years since I went on inspirational workshops with Mark Cocker and Patrick Barkham.

It was during my #30DaysWild Challenge that I considered the issue of environmental themes in my stories. If only I could think of a good topic to write on, one which I had some expertise, or at least experience.

Then I realised I have a unique opportunity to write about a patch of land that I can see from my house. It’s owned by someone else, but it’s basically a managed field, part of the flood plain of the River Wensum in Norfolk.  For some years after I first moved here I kept a weekly record of the birds I can see on it. One year that gave rise to an analysis of the way the geese numbers rose and fell during the year, by our local bird society in their Annual Report.  I have several notes about weather conditions and other events;  I’ve made notes in my journals (fewer as time went on and blogging took over).

And I have lots of pictures like this: same view, different conditions….

Dawn on the River Wensum

So at present I’m pulling ideas into shape about a ‘Diary of a Flood Plain’ or maybe ‘Year of a Flood Plain’.

  • bird arrivals and departures
  • river levels
  • flood plain doing its work by flooding…
  • animals
  • grass management
  • rise and fall of dragonfly numbers
  • other observations

Maybe there’ll be enough for a book, maybe I’ll need to do some research on other aspects to pad it out a bit.  But this is as far as I’ve gone so far for my second non-fiction book, and first foray into nature writing.

I’d welcome any thoughts, including topics you’d find interesting. Don’t be shy!

A non-fiction nature writing project

What do you think? Or just say hi!

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