Now that the last Princelings book is published, I’m being asked what next.

There will not be another Princelings novel in the Realms. I did discover a couple of short stories that have not been published, even on the blog, which may escape into a collection of short stories if I think they stand alone. If not, I’ll just put them on the Princelings website.

I may even do a short story or two set in the Realms as Christmas stories, as I need more of those for a collection.

The main spin-off project at present is converting the three Dylan and Dougall adventure to four (or possibly five) Dylan, Dougal and Deirdre stories. Thats what I’m working on at present, and I may get that completed before next summer.

Other than that, I’m not sure any further juvenile fiction will be forthcoming.  I don’t think I’m sufficiently in tune with modern kids !

Princelings – What next?

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