New for 2021, collections of my short stories. I’m considering whether to give them a motif or illustration each. It will add to the publication time, but it would add a little something.

Current plan (with working titles)

  • March: Critters and Crises (was Menagerie Miscellany)
    • Stories featuring animals or beasts of some kind, including microscopic. Several guinea pig stories appear in this one.
  • April: Greed and Retribution
    • Carruthers and other stories of treasure, secrets, bad ends, and the hell stories.
  • May: Time and Tinplate
    • Stories featuring time travel or shifts, and that usually includes Sir Woebegone’s stories (although The Princess and the Peanut is scheduled for the Critters selection)
  • June: Weird and Weirder
    • Featuring the Boxcar stories and the Erebor fantasy sequence. There’s plenty of other weird stuff in the list.

Initially on Smashwords, with distribution to iPad, B&N and Kobostore plus the rest.

The collections will probably come out as paperback(s). Given they are currently around 30,000 words each, that’s four slim volumes, or one hefty tome (pricy). Well, four will probably cost more, but look nicer, if they are wide enough to get a spine.

Now to work on editing and covers.

The Jemima Pett Collections

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