July Challenge update

29 July, 2015 / 0 comments

Of course, the big challenge for this month is to finish the revised draft of The Perihelix and get it to my editor.  Camp ends on Friday, so how am I doing on that? Well, I’ve finished.  I’ve won, in their parlance. And just for good measure I started writing the second in the Viridian System…

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The Indie Author in Five Words or less

27 July, 2015 / 6 comments

If you’re an independent author and publish on KDP, you’ll have seen this in their July newsletter. It’s a video of authors trying to describe what it’s like to be an indie author in five words or less.  I think.  I didn’t watch it, since I know what it’s like for me, and I don’t…

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Book Review | The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths

25 July, 2015 / 2 comments

Picking up The Janus Stone was such a relief – I was reading natural English with a sense of place that made me feel fully at home again.  It was after the Victorian style of The Princess and Curdie and an odd teen book, so you have to forgive my bias. Strange events on an archaeological…

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Friday Flash ⌗Fi50 | Public Enemy Number One

24 July, 2015 / 9 comments

OK, this is a very short Flash Fiction this Friday, because I’m still at Camp and it’s time for Bruce Gargoyle’s Fiction in Fifty words feature for the month.  The theme is the title…Public Enemy Number One.  What, no Chuck Wendig? I hear you ask.  Well, ignoring Chuck’s request for 1000 words, I am using…

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Postcard from Camp – 18 July

20 July, 2015 / 3 comments

Hi all Things are going well, but I must be the only writer in the world who edits a book and ends up with thousands more words.  Most people say they tighten it up and remove at least 10%, often more.  I mentioned recently (possibly in my review of Fingersmith) that I don’t do enough description…

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Book Review | Dragons of the Dark Rift by Kevin Gerard

18 July, 2015 / 2 comments

About the Book Title: Diego’s Dragon, Book 2: Dragons of the Dark Rift | Author: Kevin Gerard | Publication Date: April 6, 2015 | Publisher: Crying Cougar Press | Pages: 214 | Recommended Ages: 10+ Amazon * Barnes & Noble * Smashwords * Goodreads A Prophecy, an Ancient Calendar, and a Battle for Earth’s Survival. The turning of the 26,000 year cycle is approaching. The fifth sun…

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Flash Excerpt and Question

17 July, 2015 / 2 comments

A mash-up of a post for this Friday – it’s not really Flash Fiction, but it’s only 610 words, so it’s a sort of extended Quote and Question. This is from about halfway through The Perihelix (which I’m editing at present, as you’re probably fed up with me telling you).  The girls (Dolores, Maggie and Aramintha)…

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Sons of the Sphinx - New Banner

Blog Tour | Sons of the Sphinx and Cheryl Carpinello

13 July, 2015 / 10 comments

Today I’m delighted to be part of Cheryl Carpinello’s Blog Tour for Sons of the Sphinx.  You’ll find lots of information and an excerpt from the book, a giveaway for a $50 gift card PLUS an EXCLUSIVE interview! BOOK INFORMATION TITLE – Sons of the Sphinx SERIES – The Quest Books AUTHOR – Cheryl Carpinello…

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Emperor's Edge Coll'n

Book Review | Deadly Games (Emperor’s Edge 3) by Lindsay Buroker

11 July, 2015 / 0 comments

The third book in the Emperor’s Edge series opens with a kidnapping.  Well, it actually opens with Maldynado trying to set Amaranthe up with a man, while they are viewing the arena for the annual Games,  but that’s just Maldynado for you.  A competitor sees them and asks if they can help find her sister,…

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Postcard from camp 7th July

10 July, 2015 / 2 comments

Hi all I’ve finished my first read-through of The Perihelix and really enjoyed it.  There weren’t as many problems as I thought, but I do feel it needs a punchier opening.  I want to pay more attention to description, too, and include more smells (although I seem to have picked up on that later in…

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moon doc

Spring cleaning

6 July, 2015 / 5 comments

A bit late, since summer’s here, but I had a useful email to remind me that there is a simple way of fending off the hackers of one’s blog.  Spring clean. Simply making sure all the add-ons you have are used, and up to date, as well as your themes and software, helps to keep hackers…

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Couldn’t put it down Giveaway Hop

5 July, 2015 / 41 comments

I love this annual event from Valerie at Stuck In Books.  I just have to choose one of the books I couldn’t put down and offer it to you in a giveaway.  Which to choose?  Well, that wasn’t hard, since none of my books has had me itching to get back to it more than…

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Lionel Snodgrass 3

Book Review | Lionel Goes to Camp by Paul Hewlett

4 July, 2015 / 3 comments

Lionel’s Grand Adventure is a wonderful series by a talented writer, Paul Hewlett, and I’m not in the least biassed just because he’s a fellow BookElf.  Neither am I biassed in my review of this, just because I received an ARC.  I may be biassed in that I love Lionel, and his adventures at camp brought…

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Flash Fiction

Friday Flash Fiction | Happy

3 July, 2015 / 3 comments

This week we have a Random Song Title Jamboree.  Chuck Wendig set us the task to get a random song title from our music players and write a 1000 words story for it.  It’s not that random, since I’d just searched for it to download, but you can still have …. Happy “Because we’re happy,…

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IWSG badge

Summer Wednesdays ⌗IWSG

1 July, 2015 / 4 comments

It’s summer, in case you hadn’t noticed.  I know many northern hemisphere folks tend to reduce their blogging, and since I’m at Camp this month, I’m going to join them.  This will probably be my last Wednesday post till September unless I throw in another ⌗IWSG and two ⌗Fi50 posts.  Challenge updates can wait.  I may even…

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Off to summer camp again!

29 June, 2015 / 0 comments

It’s that time of year again.  You may be preparing for your Independence Day celebrations, but I’m off to camp for July.  Camp NaNoWriMo, of course… Last year I wrote the first draft of The Perihelix – which didn’t have a name when I started it, it was just “the first book in the Viridian…

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Book Review | Wind Catcher by Jeff Altabef and Erynn Altabef

27 June, 2015 / 3 comments

I received a free ebook of Wind Catcher as part of a MDBR Book Review Blast.  I understood it was an upper MG fantasy, which is stretching what I think is appropriate, and I’d classify it as YA with a young protagonist.  From a European perspective I think it’s too violent for MG, and it’s heading…

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Flash Fiction

Friday Flash Fiction | Disappearing Act

26 June, 2015 / 4 comments

This week Chuck asked for ideas, and I suggested taking the last line of last week’s flash as the first in next week’s, but in a different genre.  The alternative would be to use the first line and write to it as a last line, which is what I’m doing today.  And to make it…

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Things I liked in this month’s books, plus challenge updates

24 June, 2015 / 8 comments

I usually highlight things on my kindle by accident.  I manage to look up words like ‘and’ and ‘black’ by accident too.  Of course when I want to highlight something or look something up (usually when the author is using it in a way I haven’t seen before) I can’t make it stop ‘turning the…

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Book Review | A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk by Scott Tarbet

22 June, 2015 / 6 comments

Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream revisioned as a steampunk tale?  You must be kidding. That was roughly my reaction when I saw this as part of a steampunk/fantasy bundle from, a wonderful way of getting great ebooks in a genre you like for a small price – one that you choose!  I’ve had a…

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Amazing Maurice

Book Review | The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

20 June, 2015 / 8 comments

This Discworld novel by the late great Sir Terry Pratchett was selected as Book of the Month for May  by the Goodreads Great Middle Grade Reads Book.  I tried hard to finish it in the month, so you may have read my comments already. Maurice is a cat, and he associates with a clan of…

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Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Friday | Sir Woebegone thinks and draws

19 June, 2015 / 8 comments

This week’s Chuck Wendig challenge was to include a dead body in the opening paragraph and keep it to 1000 words.  After that, anything goes.  I’ve been thinking for some time that Sir Woebegone needs an outing, so here he is. Sir Woebegone thinks and draws A lump of tin lay in the grass, flies…

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Scan 3

Fathers Day offer starts today

18 June, 2015 / 0 comments

I’m running a Kindle Countdown Deal  in time for Fathers Day (June 21st) – and taking it through to what would have been my father’s 100th birthday! From midnight 18th June to 24th June White Water Landings for Kindle will be on special promotion. On,  the ebook will start at 99p (inc. VAT) – but after midday on the Sunday…

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#Fi50 for June 2015

17 June, 2015 / 6 comments

This month’s prompt from Bruce Gargoyle’s Fiction in 50 (words) challenge is… Exit, Stage Left so… Exit Stage, Left Situation: in a tree. We are not high enough up. The advice is to stand and face it, or even run towards it, making big noises. Camping was supposed to be fun. We didn’t have any…

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Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 17.32.21

Are you on LibraryThing?

15 June, 2015 / 11 comments

I joined LibraryThing a while back as an alternative to Goodreads, probably not long after Goodreads got sold to Amazon.  I got it all set up, and occasionally copied a review over there, but I confess I haven’t done much with it recently. I did, however get a free ARC to read and review, which…

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