Book Review | The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict

22 October, 2016 / 5 comments

This was a book that floated across my ‘recommended’  selection on Netgalley, and the blurb intrigued me.  I’d never much thought about Einstein having a wife (in fact he had two), and although he was one of the most celebrated scientists of all time, and I took relativity in my degree courses, I wondered what the…

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#FridayFlash Fiction | Spooky Tales 3: The Wardrobe (continued)

21 October, 2016 / 4 comments

This week we have part 2 of The Wardrobe, so if you missed the first part, start here. I hope you enjoy it, kinda. The Wardrobe, part 2 The next day I turned the key in the showroom door with some trepidation. I had been reluctant to come to work.  Heck, I had been reluctant…

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#Fi50 | The Knight’s Dilemma

19 October, 2016 / 6 comments

Time once again for the Bookshelf Gargoyle‘s fantastic Fiction in Fifty Words monthly challenge.  As usual you can join in, you don’t even have to sign up, although adding your gem to the #Fi50 monthly post is a good idea. This month, the prompt is With Great…..Comes Great Responsibility (You fill in the blank) I…

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#Inktober update

17 October, 2016 / 2 comments

We’re halfway through October, and so far I’ve managed to keep up with the Inktober challenge of a daily pen & ink sketch. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen them, although I realise that the early ones didn’t get the usual @jemima_pett tag so I can only see them on my…

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Book Review | Holding by Graham Norton

15 October, 2016 / 9 comments

This was one of those NetGalley recommends books, and it took the publishers ages to come back to me after I’d applied for it.  It’s a quirky blurb, as I think you’ll agree, and I was drawn to it.  I hadn’t any experience of the author, but unfortunately they hint about his career in the blurb,…

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Flash Fiction

#Fridayflash fiction | Spooky Tales 2: The Wardrobe

14 October, 2016 / 6 comments

Chuck Wendig wants the first part of a spooky story that others will carry on.  Time to break out and do my own spooky story, but still in two parts. This one involves a wardrobe. I woke up with the start of the story, but I have a feeling it borrows heavily from something I…

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autumn leaves

Tenth day, tenth month

10 October, 2016 / 6 comments

Numbers like this in dates always give me a little frisson, much as I get for a really clever rhyme.  I was watching the UK poet Pam Ayres on a tv wordgame show last week (Countdown), and she read a poem between rounds (which is why the guests are invited, to do a little something entertaining…

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Book Review and Giveaway Hop | Stuck in a Good Book

8 October, 2016 / 37 comments

This Giveaway Hop from Stuck in Books is one of my favourites, and allows me to showcase one of the books I read this year that I had to be dragged away from if I couldn’t finish it in one sitting. There are four contenders: The Martian by Andy Weir Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan The…

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#FridayFlash Fiction | Spooky Tales 1: Black Dog

7 October, 2016 / 6 comments

Chuck Wendig‘s back on the case, and challenged us to come up with a real life (non-fiction) spooky tale today, so something that really happened to us.  My really spooky tales, where something happened that I can’t explain why I did what I did, and if I hadn’t the consequences would have been dire, are…

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Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

#IWSG – When is your story ready?

5 October, 2016 / 12 comments

The first Wednesday of every month is officially Insecure Writer’s Support Group day.  You can join in with your own post and sign up here, or just go to the list and hop around, seeing what other gems people have posted, or go to our awesome co-hosts for October: Beverly Stowe McClure, Megan Morgan, Viola Fury, Madeline Mora-Summonte, Angela Wooldridge, and Susan Gourley! You may…

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Question of the Month Unicorns badge

The Problem with Peggy & October #QOTM

3 October, 2016 / 14 comments

This month’s question from Mike d’Agostino, originator of the Question of the Month bloghop is: “What’s a decision you’ve made in the past that you know, logically, was the right decision to make, but which you still feel guilty or regretful about?” I’m with Frank Sinatra on this one: “Regrets, I’ve had a few, but…

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2 October, 2016 / 4 comments

My wonderful cover illustrator, Danielle English, has been doing Inktober for a couple of years, and this year I went and looked behind her fabulous drawings to discover what it’s all about. Inktober is the A-Z Challenge of pen and ink drawing, the brainchild of Jake Parker.  Each October you are challenged to produce 31 sketches,…

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Book Review | A Grave Tree by Jennifer Ellis

1 October, 2016 / 1 comment

It was the launch of Pair Alleles, book 4 in this Derivatives of Displacement series by Jennifer Ellis, on 19 September, that prompted me to catch up with book 3.  You can read my reviews of A Pair of Docks and A Quill Ladder first, if you like, but if this review piques your interest you should…

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flashback logo

#FlashbackFriday | The Next Generation

30 September, 2016 / 4 comments

Yes, this week is the time for revisiting a post from the past.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to pick them, since many of these stories seem to me to be quite recent now!  I’m going to post the whole of this one, including the original introduction, because it’s important. Visit more Flashback Friday posts with…

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Tackle Your TBR Readathon 2016

#TackleTBR – Roundup post

27 September, 2016 / 6 comments

Once again, I enjoyed my Tackle TBR event, and got through the books I’d planned to read.   I added Holding to the list when I started so well, but I expected my cataract operation on my right eye to stop me reading much at the weekend, although I nearly finished Inkheart (it was a last-minute finish on Monday night!)….

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Farewell, Rosetta

26 September, 2016 / 4 comments

Remember Rosetta, the mission to investigate the Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko? We were terrifically excited with the launch of the module, Philae, that landed on the comet as it approached the sun two years ago, only to have it seemingly disappear.  It turned out to have bounced on the surface when it landed, and catastrophically ended up…

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Book Reviews | The One Dollar Horse and The Legacy

24 September, 2016 / 5 comments

I’m running way behind with my reviews, so it looks like there might be doubles all the way through to the end of the year!  This week I have two children’s books, particularly for horse lovers, although many children and adults will probably enjoy them. The One Dollar Horse by Lauren St. John The Blurb: Fifteen year…

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#FridayFlash Fiction | The Car Park Murders

23 September, 2016 / 9 comments

This was the piece I put forward for the Noirwich short story competition, the results of which were announced on Sunday.  Apparently they had over 150 entries and mine wasn’t in the shortlisted four.  The winner got to read out her piece, which seemed very erudite.  The only requirements were that it should feature somewhere in…

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#Fi50 – Signs and Wonders

21 September, 2016 / 4 comments

These 50 word stories come around so quickly, surely it isn’t a whole month since the last one?  And you realise there are only three more to come this year?  Frightening. Don’t forget to visit the Bookshelf Gargoyle for more – and to get the prompt to do your own! Signs and Wonders “Darling, I…

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Post A-to-Z Road Trip [2016]

A2Z Roadtrip – goodbye

19 September, 2016 / 16 comments

I have come to the conclusion that I am a complete wannabe at blog visiting, because however much I think I should visit and comment and like posts, I don’t.  I know it’s the key to making more friends and them knowing more about my world, but I’m so busy doing what I do that working down the…

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Book Review | Sidney Chambers and the Perils of the Night by James Runcie

17 September, 2016 / 4 comments

Although I read this book during the Clean Sweep Readathon in May, I’m delighted to post the review today on the anniversary of receiving it in a swag bag from Writers’ Centre Norwich as part of the Noirwich Crime Festival.  I’m there all this weekend, with tonight’s feature being Sophie Hannah in conversation with Denise…

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Subgenre mash-up

#FridayFlash Fiction | Farewell, My Lovelies

16 September, 2016 / 6 comments

With apologies to Raymond Chandler for mangling his title, today’s offering is an inspiration devised by Chuck Wendig to retell an iconic scene in a different genre. I’d read his brief, and thought about a Casablanca-Western variant, but then I got sidetracked into something else, still on a western theme.  I’m not sure the title fits any…

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Tackle Your TBR Readathon 2016

#Tackle TBR Readathon Challenge

14 September, 2016 / 14 comments

Welcome, everybody, to my Challenge for the Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon 2016. First off, I’m going to explain about my series, then I’ll set you a Challenge, and then there’s the giveaway. The Princelings of the East by Jemima Pett A ten-book MG/crossover Fantasy/Scifi series (6 published, 2 scheduled, 2 outlined) The Princelings of the East was…

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closed casket    large banner640

Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie and Sophie Hannah

12 September, 2016 / 6 comments

Welcome to the Great Escapes Book Tour for Closed Casket (released 6th Sept), the second Hercule Poirot novel written by Sophie Hannah. I was lucky enough to attend a writers’ evening with Sophie last year, or was it the year before, at the spring N&N festival or Norwich’s Festival of Crime – Noirwich; this year’s event is…

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Tackle Your TBR Readathon 2016

TBR Read-a-Thon 12th-26th September

11 September, 2016 / 7 comments

Once again, Wishful Endings is hosting the Tackle your TBR Read-a-thon, starting tomorrow and ending on Sept 26th. I’m doing my start-up post early, since I’ve got something special for you tomorrow, but I’ve got another special something on Wednesday, when I open my Readathon Challenge and Giveaway. What is a Read-a-thon, I hear you…

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