I like a challenge to keep my reading and writing ordered. I blog about them occasionally, but no longer keep clickable links in my sidebars – save for the SpaceTime Reading Challenge, which I run.

I now have all my challenges in this page, with sub-pages for the reading ones are going. Writing and blogging challenges tend to be self-evident on the blog.

Blog Challenges

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is GoodThe main blog challenge I participated in is the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, otherwise known as AprilA2Z and other short forms. I’ve decided that I don’t keep visitors for A2Z from early years because the rest of the year I blog differently.  So now I try to do themes that fit more readily with ‘My Blog’.

As of 2019, I decided that really, the AtoZ setup is not for me any more. It works well for people new to blogging, though.


  • 2012 theme was the A to Z of the Princelings world.
  • 2013 theme: short stories
  • 2014 theme: the NATO alphabet
  • 2015 theme: natural phenomena
  • 2016 theme: world-building
  • 2017 theme: My Blog
  • 2018 theme: Inspirations for my writing

30 Days Wild

Do Something WildSince 2018 I’ve been completing the UK Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild challenge throughout June.  This is really tough, since a lot of it is blogging about things you do as the month goes on, rather than scheduled posts for A to Z.  But it is fun, dynamic, and gets me out and about a bit more.

I occasionally do more ‘wild’ posts using the hashtag #staywild.

Reading Challenges


History: 2020 read 60/60 books; 2019 read 59/52 books; 2018 read 68/52 books; 2017 read 63/52 books; 2016 read 65/52 books; 2015 read 63/60 books; 2014 read 61/60 books; 2013 read 53/50 books.

Ten-year Non-Fiction Reading Adventure:

To read 50 non-fiction books over 10 years, 2017 to 2026.

  • 2017 total: 5
  • 2018 total: 6
  • 2019 total: 6
  • 2020 total: 8
  • 2021:

Challenges for 2021: see progress on their pages




  • 2014 KidLit Safari Challenge – 8/10 sections completed
  • 2014 Mad Reviewer Challenge – Crazy Reviewer award (52 books reviewed)
  • 2013 YA & MG Time Travel Challenge – 10 time travel books read
  • 2013 MG Classic Book Challenge – 12 books read

Writing Challenges

My main target is to submit three short stories (1000-10,000 words) to open calls this year.

Summer – Camp NaNoWriMo

In 2020 they altered the whole cabin set-up for Camp, and unless you signed up very early, there were no groups to join.  I won’t be doing it again.

  • 2020 – April; revised Princelings Revolution
  • 2019 – July; revised Chronicles of Marsh
  • 2019 – April; finished the first draft of Chronicles of Marsh and wrote first draft of Princelings Revolution
  • 2018 – July; revised Corsair
  • 2017 – July; rewrote The Perihelix and did the first edit/rewrite of Curved Space to Corsair
  • 2016 – July; finished first drafts of Willoughby the Narrator and The Princelings of the North (POTE 7 & 8)
  • 2016 – April; wrote the first draft of Book 2 of the Viridian System series
  • 2015 – edited the first Viridian series book – The Perihelix and sent to beta-readers
  • 2014 – wrote the first draft of the first book in the Viridian System series
  • 2013 – revised and rewrote Bravo Victor, book 6 in the Princelings of the East series
  • 2012 – wrote the first draft of The Talent Seekers, book 5 in the Princelings series

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