Flash fiction needs prompts. I’ve been writing flash fiction, posting on my blog on Fridays, since May 2013.  I owe a huge debt to Chuck Wendig for posting weekly prompts and generally wrangling all his writing followers.  He’s now such a busy author and dad that the prompts are irregular, and I hope he doesn’t mind me storing some of the best of them here for future reference.  If you use them, please give him some credit.

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Random Titles

Sub-genre Mash-ups

Must include…

Alternative ideas:

  • base your story around one of the seven deadly sins
  • start it with a bang
  • start it with a knock at the door
  • base it around a map
  • take an iconic scene from a classic film or book and retell it in your own genre and setting
  • find a headline that needs a better story
  • Use a photo – from a random photo site, or just one you come across
  • combine some ridiculous elements – I did ‘ridiculously over the top humorous romance with a vampire under the sea in a spaceship eating sushi in a convent’

Five story seeds – choose one:

  • A child is born under mysterious circumstances.
  • A dead body goes missing.
  • A mysterious journal is found.
  • An accident occurs that may be no accident.
  • An impossible animal appears.

Join in with someone else’s prompt – e.g. Sue Vincent does #writephoto on a Thursday

Other resources on the web: Try http://writingexercises.co.uk/index.php for a host of different approaches.


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