Where else is Jemima Pett published, apart from her novels?

Check out these Anthologies

BookElves Anthology Volume 1 by Jemima PettBookElves Anthology Volume 1

published by Princelings Publications

MG/young teen seasonal stories

  • Dylan’s Yuletide Journey

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BookElves-Anthology-2BookElves Anthology Volume 2

published by Princelings Publications

MG/young teen Seasonal stories

  • Dougall’s Reindeer Adventure

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Galileo's Theme Park

Galileo’s Theme Park

published by Third Flatiron Publishing

science fiction

  • Titan is All the Rage

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Tales from a weird imagination

A series of flash fiction collections by Jemima Pett. Most were previously published (but no longer available) on this blog. Somewhat adult, on the whole. Published by Princelings Publications. Click this link if you’d like them in paperback.

Unexpected Twisty Tales winter

Book 1: Critters and Crises: a Flash Fiction Menagerie

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Book 2: Greed and Retribution: the Carruthers Collection and Other Twisty Tales

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Book 3: Time and Tinplate: Sir Woebegone and other Timely Tales

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Book 4: Weird and Weirder: The Horse-drawn Lighthouse and Other Unexpected Tales

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Book 5: Snowflakes and Shivers: Heart-Warming and Toe-Curling Seasonal Tales

Buy Snowflakes and Shivers ebook:

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