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New for 2021, collections of my short stories. I’m considering whether to give them a motif or illustration each. It will add to the publication time, but it would add a little something. Current plan (with working titles) March: Critters

Cataloging my Short Stories

I’m cataloging my short stories/flash fiction with the idea of producing some collections next year. At present I’ve listed over 200 flash fictions of more than 500 words. Putting them in rough genres didn’t seem to help, so I’ve now

Princelings – What next?

Now that the last Princelings book is published, I’m being asked what next. There will not be another Princelings novel in the Realms. I did discover a couple of short stories that have not been published, even on the blog,

Princelings Audiobooks

triple banner Princelings audiobooks

All three audiobooks are expected to be out by Christmas! The Princelings of the East Princelings of the East has been out since February at Audible, Amazon,and Apple (iTunes). I have codes for free copies if you like to ask me!

Short story submissions – progress


Short story competitions have been everywhere during lockdown, it seems. National Flash Fiction Day Most importantly, National Flash Fiction Day, linked with the journal Flash Flood opened for submissions last week, and closed yesterday. I submitted three pieces, all of

Princelings Series Update – May

Revolution draft cover

Progress Princelings Revolution is coming along well, and may even meet its early release target. Comments back from beta readers so afar are helpful, insightful, and accurate! Audiobooks Princelings of the East has been out since February at Audible, Amazon,and Apple

IWSG Anthology Contest 2020 announced

IWSG Anthology Contest 2020 announced

The 2020 IWSG Anthology is now open.  This is the one anthology I must get an entry into. Well, there are others, the usual suspects, but… The 2020 IWSG Anthology Contest … Guidelines and rules:  Word count: 4500-6000 Genre: Science

Anthology submissions – update April 2020

It’s a long time since I considered any anthology submissions. My mind has been on other things, which are well documented in the blog. Fortunately I get emails from several anthology editors whom I’d like to support.  Mostly I haven’t had

Notebooks on sale

GGPW notebook

Earlier this year I made a couple of notebooks: The Princelings Notebook features chapter illustrations and quotes from books 1-7 George’s Guinea Pig World: The Fab Four features pictures of the first four of my guinea pigs, Fred, George, Victor

New developments in the Princelings world

Draft cover Chronicles of Marsh

First and most important… Chronicles of Marsh (book 9) … is now complete, with chapter illustrations and everything.  The epub file is uploaded to Smashwords, and thence to iTunes, Kobo and Nook.  The Kindle file will be uploaded later this


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