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The Realms: a world of kings and castles, rivalries and communities. The Princelings of the East are our two major characters, Fred and George. They set out from their isolated Castle in the Marsh to solve a problem and, over the course of 12 years (and ten books), unleash a revolution.

George, a progressive, an inventor, and an enthusiast for all things that fly, starts by discovering the real power of strawberry juice. Then he finds flying machines. And before the series ends, he will have changed the face of the world as he knew it.

Fred, a thinker, a supporter of the right to self-determination, accidentally becomes King. Not what this philosophical supporter of democracy wanted at all. Thank goodness he finds his true love, Princess Kira, to help him navigate the social changes he so desires.

also starring

Victor – a young barkeeper (a bundle of flying arms and legs in his youth), with a strangely abrupt style of talking, but an agile mind that he puts to great work.

Hugo – a simple salesman of Wozna cola, who is not at all what he seems.

Mariusz – lord of Castle Hattan, which isn’t even in the Realms.

Lupin – king of Castle Buckmore, although he styles himself Prince.  One of the most influential of all the kings of the Realms, and generally just happy with the status quo.

Humphrey – a simple soul with hidden talents, escaped from a castle run by and for women.  All he wants is a library and a few friends to keep him company

Willoughby – a bright young thing who’s learning to be a ninja. After poking his nose where he shouldn’t, he has to learn a whole load of other occupations – narrator, steward, spy…

Kevin – a silly, pompous young prince, who realises too late that his uncle is never going to give up his castle to him.

Dylan – an impetuous princeling from a far off Castle,  with a taste for righting wrongs, rallying people to causes, and looking after his brother Dougall

Also in the cast of the Princelings of the East

Pirates, wise counsellors, commoners, vampires, werewolves, outlaws, renegades, refugees, foreigners, and plenty of princesses and capable women to sort out the mess the others have made.

Who’s it for?

The Princelings of the East is a series of ten books for older children from about 10 upwards, who enjoy a good mystery adventure with a touch of time travel. Good reading skills suggested.

Details of the Books

Character Interviews

The Princelings of the East fantasy/time travel series

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