Last night I was working on the ideas for my AtoZ Blog Challenge.  That’s not till April but because I’m doing A to Z on the background to the stories I thought I’d better work on the whole lot in case I found myself contradicting myself.  It also gives me a chance to sort out some of the background detail that is only sketched in at present.  Like books. 

B is for Books.  Once I’d decided that, I started talking about the libraries in the castles.  The one at Buckmore is mentioned in the Princelings and the Pirates, and they play a larger role in my fourth ebook (Hugo’s story).  That led to the question of who prints the books in them.  Eventually, having touched on newspapers and journals along the way, I arrived at the itinerant storyteller, who goes from village to village with his fiddlesticks on his back (could also be her back), to stand on when narrating to the audience.

Now for a long time there has been a guinea pig dying to get into my stories.  He sees himself as a ninja warrior.  I don’t really know what a ninja warrior does, but it sounds exciting and secretive.  And I woke up this morning thinking that Willoughby could be an itinerant storyteller who doubles as a ninja warrior.

And that is how ideas for new stories start…

How stories start
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