The second edition of The Princelings and the Pirates is out now on Smashwords and Amazon.  It will take a little while to be ‘shelved’ online at B&N, Kobo and Sony (the Apple Bookstore) but we are told this has been speeded up lately.

If you’ve already got the first edition, fret not: the main change is to tighten up Chapter 2 (the first edition has more detail about the journey and the transport routes in the realms) and fix a few minor things elsewhere (extra spaces and rogue commas being the main neateners!).  I’ve change a few adjectives here and there to improve the descriptions, too.

You can download the books here:

Princelings and the Pirates on AmazonUK

Princelings and the Pirates on

Princelings and the Pirates on Smashwords

Pirates Second Edition out now
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