One of the things about being an independent author is that you have to promote yourself.  It’s not my strongest suit.  As someone else said, authors tend to be quiet, retiring types who like to closet themselves in their writing space.  Yeah, I’m laughing too, but we generally aren’t the most likely to tell the world how wonderful we are.

I am always pleased to find another site that promotes authors and their books, particulalry if it looks like it is appealing to a different readership. is a review site for products and books, with a wide range of genres on it.  It is for English and German reviews which I like as it may appeal to my growing numbers of readers in Germany (and presumably Austria and Switzerland).  I also like the way he asks you to write your book outline in a different way from the standard one on Amazon or wherever. I think most authors agonise over how to summarise the books so that it attracts the right readers, so it’s not surprising we put the same summaries out on multiple sites.

On this one I started with the question: Did you ever have a pet that seemed to live in a complex world of its own? That seems to me to be the essence of these stories.  It’s great that I’m finally becoming able to articulate it!

I know I’m always asking you to post reviews, but this is much less formal than somewhere like Amazon (it includes some of those reviews on the information page).  Besides, if you browse the site you may find other interesting things as well!  So, pop over to my Princelings page and tell David what you really think!

Expanding my presence – Ask David
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