A_BadgeThis is a new feature that I’m developing:  Author Interviews for the Blog. I hope you’ll  find it interesting.

This will be a monthly or fortnightly feature, posted Wednesdays on alternate weeks to the Kid Lit Blog Hop but may become one of my Kid Lit offerings.

The guest author will be someone who writes suitable books for my target audience – children’s, MG or young YA – preferred 8-14 age range or clean all-ages story with lightweight sex and violence (like Pirates and Traveler).

I’ll be sending them questions and they’ll reply, then I’ll make it up into a nice blog post!  These are the questions I’ve thought of.  Would you like to ask anything in particular?

1)      What sort of books do you write and who is your audience?

2)      What inspired you to start writing?

3)      Who is your favourite character in your books and why?

4)      What is the strangest thing you’ve done in real life/that’s happened to you.  Has it made it into your books yet?

5)      What’s the biggest lie you’ve told and why did you do it?

6)      What are you reading at the moment and what do you like about it?

7)      What’s your favourite book of all time?

8)      If you could be any fictional character who would it be and why?

9)      Have you (now or in the past) any pets, and if so, tell us about one or two of them?

10)   What’s your idea of a really nice meal?

There’ll be a link to the author’s blog, website, twitter handle, and a link to their books.

Does that sound interesting?  If you know of an author who you like to be interviewed, leave a comment below and I’ll try to get them involved.

New feature: Author interviews
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