As part of a new promotion from Mother Daughter Book Reviews I received free ecopies of Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer as well as the focus of the promotion, Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions, which I’ll be reviewing in two weeks time.

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About the Book

Title: Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer | Author: Aldo Fynn | Illustrator: Richie Vicencio | Publication Date: November 5,2013 | Publisher: Boa Press, LLC. | Pages: 156 | Recommended Ages: 8 to 12

Summary: All Iggy Rose wants is for the kids at the Naysayer Academy to like him, and one special girl in particular. But instead, he gets teased and taunted. Every day, he eats alone in the cafeteria and gets beaten up after school on the playground. But when a cruel prank leads to Iggy’s escape from the academy, a wild, unimaginable adventure begins.

Why is King Naysayer offering a hefty reward for Iggy’s capture? When Iggy joins forces with an eclectic cast of characters, he discovers the answer. But before he can escape from the kingdom of Naysayer, Iggy must first reclaim what is rightfully his. Does this sad, lonely boy have the courage to battle the biggest school bully, a mean headmistress, and a greedy, cruel king? Will Iggy finally believe in himself and discover his true destiny?


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My Review

After all the hype I was quite surprised by the first third of the book, which consisted of the unremitting bullying of Prince Iggy at the hands of Teddy and his friends, and also by the Headmistress of the Naysayer Academy.  I’m sure the author feels this would provide both basis for Prince Iggy’s character development, and get boys involved in reading, but I’d hate to think that they might feel it gave a good example of how to bully effectively.  As with the writing style, this feels somewhat Dickensian.

Once Prince Iggy gets away from this situation the story develops well and the author’s story-telling provides plenty of amusing description and action.

It was a very quick read (it took me just an hour and a half) and I suspect the story of Prince Iggy will be well served by the second in the series. A promising introduction to a new fun action and fantasy series.

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Book Review: Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer by Aldo Fynn

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